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  1. Hi, I'm a bit rubbish with linking threads, but its called " A new light for many of us" and it was started by Jan Carlo. Its actually just a little bit further down on this page!! If you can't find it let me know and I'll try linking it again. Yeah, I wash with water and then apply diluted ACV (about half anf half, doesn't sting and feels quite nice!!)with cotton wool on my worst bits, which is my jaw and lower cheeks at the moment, seems to be going quite well so far, but if I'm flakey I
  2. I've only just started this water only thing too! Probably been only a few days. The ACV is Apple Cider Vinegar and you can pick it up at any supermarket. I got mine fron Morrisons, the organic variety and have only just started using it after I wash. There is a whole thread devoted to ACV as well as a whole thread devoted to water washing on this forum. Its 44 pages long, but its active and I have been posting on there and reading through other peoples experiences. Its too early to say if it
  3. 'Kay, good advice, and I hope it works, but don't drink ten cups of coffee a day! Don't drink much at all if you can help it. Caffine screws with your hormones and crap, messing up acne. And jenn, Look into getting ACV and AVG, that is, Apple Cider Vinegar and Aloe Vera Gel. They do wonders.
  4. Hi all, Well, both last night and this morning I've washed only with water!! Along with some simple moisturiser mixed with jojoba for my very flaky patches. This morning though, I have to admit to bursting into tears at the sight of my scarred face and five large active pimples, then cancelling lunch with a good friend because i can't bear to leave the house looking like this!!!! I have to admit to feeling very fragile at the moment but will carry on as I could see that the BP was just tearin
  5. Hi Pixie, Please update when you can, I'm still considering this regime. I've made a small start this morning by using just water on my face. I had to use a little moisturiser because BP has "killed " parts of my cheeks. Then I followed with a dab of TT oil, because I simply couldn't resist it!!!!! The very best of luck to you!!
  6. Hi all, I've read several of these pages and have had to laugh!!! For years I've been battling acne. Its between mild and moderate and I've tried everything. I'm currently on the DKR (week 4) and its not going that well. I've always been so envious of my husband who has lovely clear skin. Yesterday, while getting upset over the arrival of two papules, one on each cheek, I told him that I would give anything to have skin like his, he laughed and said, well drink ten cups of coffee a day and was
  7. I've been on the regimen for nearly four weeks now and after a great start, I've also had a breakout along with red sore irritated skin!!!! Not nice. I had to laugh when I saw the post above with emotions purging along with the pores cos thats exactly how I've been!!! But I'm determined to stick with it and will be heading to Holland and Barratt tomorrow for jojoba oil to help with the dryness. Good luck
  8. Hi, Yes!!!! Me as well!!! I'm sitting her typing this, trying to ignore the itchyness on my chin that means a new spot in a day or two, and I think that I must now be permanantly scarred because my red marks don't get a chance to fade!!! Its driving me mad!! I'm on week three of the regimen and the spots appear to be getting smaller thankfully. I just want to be free of acne....
  9. Hi everyone, I'm new to this site and although I've had a look through the posts, I'm not sure if this has been covered, if it has, sorry!!! I'm planning to start running and swimming (dreading showing off my spotty face tho!!) again, mainly in the morning, so what do I do? Wash and apply my BP before I go, or when I'm finished, I'm so confused!!!! I'll want a shower after my run, so I'm thinking that I apply the bp after my shower and just have a rinse with plain water before I go. What do
  10. Hi there, I'm new to this site as well, can't believe I've joined!!!!! I also want nice skin!. My acne is mainly on my jaw and chin and is mainly small pustules, very annoying!! After much deliberation, I started the regimen three weeks ago, just beginning my fourth week now, so its probably still a little early to say whether I've had success. I read "Cool as kim deals" (I hope thats right!!) several times before I started and I'd advise you to do the same. I'm still breaking out, but the pi