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  1. You know, it's like some of you people aren't even listening to what this guy is saying. He's obviously not "saving himself," and he isn't looking to have sex with someone that means nothing to him, either. What he longs for is simple companionship, the glance and the light touch of someone that loves him, or even just someone that gives him a second thought every now and then. Maybe pointing out his virginity was the wrong thing to do, since that's now what everybody is fixating on, but virgini
  2. What's a good health insurance company in Canada? I heard there is one that charges you depending on how much you make? Is it blue shield?
  3. Is it just me or does it seem like the female side of things is pretty much on par with the average female population as in females without acne. Whereas the guys results is completely skewed from the average male dating statistics?
  4. Been on here for over 3 years. 1. No. 2. Neither. 3. Cause I still have acne. 4. Not really sure... can't remember how my face was 3 years ago. Too many ups and downs.
  5. Can anyone recommend a dermatologist near downtown Toronto? Someone where I won't have to wait 3+ months for an appointment.
  6. Nothing. The initial outbreak everyone complains about, the side effects, etc. I didn't get any of that. I was on two full courses and this dermatologist wants me to go on it again but I'm not covered by any insurance right now.
  7. I've been on accutane twice and didn't do anything. My face is weird like that. I've been on Minocycline and it helped a lot the first time. Acne flared up again, went on it, and it didn't do anything.
  8. Oh believe me, they're cysts. They're pretty good today though. Its weird because they never seem to go away. But sometimes they're really big then other times they calm down for a bit and shrink. It's hard to get rid of cysts on your neck, they don't seem to drain as easily as the ones on the face.
  9. Mild eh? I'm a bit surprised. To me mild is like you can just use some over the counter bp and it should fix most of it. I been told I need accutane by 3 doctors. Yea.. I got about 4 or 5 cysts on my neck right now....
  10. I just wanted to know what people would categorize my acne has. Either mild, moderate-mild, moderate, moderate-severe, or severe. I think after having acne for a decade now I can't tell how bad it is any more. Like a weird form of body dysmorphic disorder. I tell myself its not that bad so I can feel better about myself but then my parents urge me to go to the doctor. Other times I feel its so bad I don't want to be seen in public. Also could you tell me if you think your skin is better
  11. soooo you dont feel good looking because you dont get girls?? i havnt been in a relationship really just a little stupid thing when i was at school but i cant really call that a relationship. they will be a time when you find the right girl. No, I don't feel good looking cause I'm not and people tell me I'm not good looking. I just wanted to add that I don't get girls cause there were some people posting that they still get hot girls. Me thinks if thats the case then they have a proble
  12. Don't feel good looking at all, don't get girls at all.
  13. I've been called ugly. But not so much as an insult, as a fact.