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  1. I'm sorry to bother you guys but I just wanna know anyone took accutane at a later age say like forties and fifties and does it work as well or will it work against you instead? I'm asking this question on behalf of my mom. My bro has severe acne is currently on accutane. Hearing that accutane could be the cure to acne problems, my mom is wondering whether she should go on it as well. My mothers is quite mild with ocassional big bumps but she has scarring showing that she suffered from quite ba
  2. Check out my bro's acne in my topic. Will there be anything that will work besides accutane? Just asking, no offence.
  3. I was hoping someone can answer my previous post. I saw that most people take accutane in their teens or latest by late twenties. Has anyone middle-age like about forties and fifities took accutane? My mom is thinking of taking it with my bro but will it work for someone who still has acne even when she is already 50? Bump?
  4. hi people, thought I just update you about my brother. Well he visited the doctor on thursday and the doctor gave him some injections on his back and put him on steriods and some antibiotic as well as a foam wash call evoclin together with accutane. He was also put on sick leave till his inflammation goes down which was really bad when he visited the doctor. He is currently doing very well and some of his cysts went down. He may be returning to school on wednesday if it continues to be this way
  5. my bro is already on accutane but it doesn't seem to be working maybe because he only about into a month in taking it. He's in terrible pain at the moment and we are all very woried about him. We will be visiting his derm on thurs but in the mean time, we will trying everything we can to ease his pain.
  6. will it work for acne that looks something like this? http://menshealth.about.com/cs/teenhealth/l/blacne_acne.htm
  7. Thanks people for the great tips. I posted a link to show how bad my bro back acne is. something similar to this http://menshealth.about.com/cs/teenhealth/l/blacne_acne.htm. I got a great tip from wynee but if anyone has any other good suggestions is greatly appreciated.
  8. Thanks wynee for the great tip. It was very helpful. We are all very worried about my bro especially my mom because he seems to be in great pain. I sleep in the same room as him and I can sometimes hear him groan when he accidentally sleeps on his back. We are more concern about his back. my bro doesn't want me to take a pic of his back so I provided a link to show you how severe it is http://menshealth.about.com/cs/teenhealth/l/blacne_acne.htm yes it is about that bad. He's visitng the derm aga
  9. He's a great brother. Last question, what do you guys use for shaving? My bro hasn't shave for some time because he has cysts around his jaws.
  10. Yes the doctor did tell him that but we didn't expect it to get this bad. His acne used to be on the neck, face and upper back but now it has spreaded to his lower back. He doesn't shave anynore because it hurts a lot. Thanks everyone for your posts, I will reassure him and share my account with him. I will help him ice the lesions if he needs to.
  11. He's 18. Isn't isotrinoin suppose to help? Why is he breaking out more then usual? Will it subside soon. If he drop isotretinoin is there anything else he can take. He took minocillin, clindarmycin and some other antibiotics before. Some cleared him up before but for a while but it came back. He's now using some cetaphil soap and benzamycin but it isn't seem to be working. And I heard isotretinoin can cause depression, my bro's unahppy now, will he get worse?
  12. I know weed can cause depression. I've seen it happen to one of my cousins who started smoking it because of stress. At first he felt good but lately he got worst and now he's on psychotic drugs. I dun know whether it can harm liver but should be since its carcinogenic like tobacco. I could be wrong. Isotretinoin can cause depression?!
  13. Does this AHA and BHA help with cysts or nodules?
  14. My brother's back and shoulders are covered in acne. I think they might be cystic because some burst when he sleeps. He is on isotretinoin now, is there anything he can do to help it?
  15. hey guys, I'm new here but I read topics around here before as a guest. I don't really have acne but my brother has and he is unhappy about it. my bro has severe cystic-nodule acne and he is taking istretinoin now. He has been taking it for about a month now and is getting more and more unhappy. You see he broke out real bad before isotretinoin and now he seems to be getting worse as his back and shoulder blades are covered in acne, some are cystic and i think it bled when he sleeps because his