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  1. You're transforming the discussion into something like "is coffee healthy or not ?" which was not the initial debate. The question should be "Can coffee worsen acne ?" The answer is, according to my nutritionist, definately Yes. If I look my own experience, the only time of my life when I had a clear skin was when I never drank any coffee. The problem is Caffeine. The coffee caffeine is fastly assimilated, much faster than the tea for instance. It can causes an excessive sebum production, h
  2. Try electric shaving maybe ? It will irritate like hell for the 2 3 first weeks, the time your skin get used to it, then it should be fine...
  3. Personally, I believe that Hormones are not really a problem. They are a pb when you're 13 to 18 years old, basically, due to puberty. But after that, your testosterones levels will remain quite stable. Pb is... libido. Some young men have a really strong libido and crave for sex. Normally, with the first sexual intercourses, the need to masturbate decrease and decrease and you ejaculate less than before. But, sometimes, you can't have sexual intercourse, you have to masturbate, blah blah
  4. The problem doesn't come from hormones. There is, scientifically, a link between masturbation and acne, which is indirect, and has nothing to do with hormones. The problem is... Zinc. Zinc deficiency causes acne, because Zinc reduces sebum production, so the pores can't be clogged. Alright ? Well. Zinc is a problem because when we eat, we provides the body with 8 to 15 mg of it, on a daily basis, which is the lowest acceptable value. When ejaculating, you ejaculate something like 1 mg of zi
  5. Cold water can irritate the skin. Try using lukewarm water. It's better for acne.
  6. Hello everybody. It's been a hard day. And I had a breakout today. Three or four small red inflammed papules... on my chin. I was a bit stupid : I drank a lot of caffeine. And that's what happened. I HAVE to stop to drink coffee, but it's hard. Maybe it's the doxycyclin too. I don't know. In two or three days, they will be gone but... another bunch of fucking red marks will appear. This is tiring me. I'm really getting stressed of this.
  7. I don't know about the testosterone and the DHT and the effects of masturbation... What I know is that : - Masturbation is needed in order to decrease sexual tension : in the current world, you have sex, barely nude girls everywhere (internet, magazines, ads), which create a tension, and you have to decrease it. - Masturbation is, for teenagers, often a way to simulate an actual sexual life... which is needed by anybody I think. There is another thing. Masturbation can cause bloody bloody str
  8. Personally, I used a lot of them... And every time, it worsened my acne. I think moisturizers are not a good deal for acne sufferers. Most of them, even if they are said safe for use with acne, contains a lot of products that are actually... bad. To get rid of the oil, maybe just clean your skin 2 times a day just with water ? , and dry it with a really clean towel. Dermalogica products are quite good but... soooo expensive. I use them only when I go to parties or when I need to have a part
  9. Ok-ay 2 days ago I went to the dermatologist. He is well known Acne specialist in my region. He said that I should take : - Doxycyclin 100mg for 3 months - Benzoyl Peroxyde 5% gel I didn't want to take the antibiotics, but blah... He said it should be my last breakout, so finishing it as soon as possible is possibly a good idea hehe For washing, he said that I should use only... water for my skin. The other products dry it too much, and it's not the time to dry it. I am going to try the Der
  10. Hello everybody Well I'm alone... But I continue ahah Today, I feel like shit 'cause yesterday, and the day before, I went out lately, so I m a bit overtired at work right now. But no serious matter. The last days have been rough for me... I am stressed by my job (I do a stressful engineer job... When I finish something, I got 4 or 5 new things to do) and by problems with my gf. Since I got my acne breakout, I have been a bit acting a fool with, with a lack of self-esteem and confidence..
  11. Hello. Shaving has always been a problem for me. I got a resilient skin, but with acne, I often "cut" the papules or anything else, and it makes me bad. I tried 2, 3, 4, 5 blades shavers, a lot of foams, gels... Can't find anyone really good. Some people said that I should shave using shaving soap instead of foam / gel like this : with a shaving brush to reduce irritation. I was thinking of a blade-electric shaver too, like this one : Visit My Website Any advices ?
  12. Hi everybody. Well, I'm 21, I have suffered from severe acne when I was younger. Then I had Accutane. This worked good, but I suffered from side effects... Hyper sweating, ultra dryness... blaaaah. Since March, I had nothing. Then I moved to some tropical island. And I had a furious breakout. I just came back. I want to get rid from acne. My regimen ? I don't know yet. I am going to my dermatologist next week. Well. I'm sure of some things : - no Accutane - no Antibiotics or oral prescript