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  1. i wouldnt recomend it .. i tried it once i think it actually burnt the skin and aggravated the pimple
  2. simple answer is their is no real time line.. just be patient and it will happen eventually .. as for myself id say it started workin really well at about month 3
  3. im on 40mg and have drank quite a bit as bad as it sounds with no negative effects so i cant see how a couple drinks for ur birthday will do damage.. the main reason is the stress on the liver to avoid drinkin.. although u shouldnt need alchohl to be able to party
  4. asked my derm before being prescribed and he said just avoid multi vitamins with vitamin A so cant be that much of a bad idea
  5. i drink green tea daily and havnt had any problems so cant imagine it being a problem.. any specific reason for the question ?
  6. firstly id use an electric shaver as they are much gentler and also work to exfoliate that area of ur skin so are really good . i just use my normal daily moisturizer afer shaving which is QV i think with suncreen which is very good
  7. ive actually joined the gym about 2 weeks into accutane course and havnt had any joint pain .. just be sure to eat right and get enough rest... but every1 has different side effects
  8. im about a month and a half into 40mg of tane a day . and have drank on several weeekends with no problems at all . my advice is just dont push it too hard @ the start untill u no if ull have a reaction and be sure to re hydrate. but keep drinkin to a minimum
  9. Hi , ive just joined up to a gym and am wondering which are the healthiest sources of protein to consume consume. i no this isnt a gym forumm but use all seem to know alot about healthy living .. im also currently on a course of accutane (40mg and 3 weeks in) so am not interested in supplementing. so what are the healthiest and best for the skin , other than tuna and salmon.. thanks
  10. ey im currently on 40mg of accutane daily and approaching my 3rd week. only real effect ive had is dry skin and have had a little bit of a break out but nothing extereme. what im wondering is when do i know if ive been lucky enough to avoid and initial breakout? and also Will my skin gradually become dryer and dryer throughout my course or will it remain at the same level its at ? thanks
  11. hey i used it for about 2 weeks and then got lazy didint really noticec muhc of an impact .. ik found that once its applied it sorta made my redness even darker so stopped using it .. might start using it just before bed now tho .. let me know how u go =)
  12. hi everyone .. i was prescribed a 6 month course of mincocycline 2 x 50gs per day .. im about 5 months in and i think ive had just about enough of it .. i get sick very easily especially now that i am on mino.. my skin in clear now with just a few red marks and have been away for a week without taking mino and had no new breakouts .. do u think it will be ok if i stop ? what i plan to do is keep my remaining repeats and just take 1 maybe every day or 2 and ease out of it along with taking zi
  13. ey every1 im 4 months into a cycle of mincolyline and am bout 90% clear just got read marks but havnt gotten a new pimple for a while .. i keep reading about the dangers of takin anti biotics for extended periods of time .. so im jus wondering should i start taking a probiotic now ?
  14. would a product like acnexus have a similar result ? the only medication im on at the moment is minocyline .. were can i get accuderm in aus if u no prefereably ?
  15. ive read on this board that accutane sorta gives u new skin .. is theri any other ways to sorta shed the old skin n start fresh ?