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  1. Just wondering if anyone has tried Clearoil BPT3.1 by a small company called Create Cosmetics, and if so, what your experiences of it are? I stumbled upon it while looking for gentler alternatives to Dan's BP because after using that religiously for several years I've gotten a bit fed up with the irritation and flaking, which I tried to manage by applying it just once a day but that just caused me to break out again. BPT3.1 has a lot of positive reviews on Amazon so I thought it'd be wor
  2. Is it really such a far-fetched claim to warrant that kind of sarcasm? Considering my experiences with BP, it certainly seems reasonable enough. Not to mention, P. acnes is a symbiotic bacteria that belongs on your face. It just goes out of control when pores are clogged. The thought of slathering your face with copious amounts of BP to eliminate as much of this bacteria as possible -- when it is in fact, under normal circumstances, beneficial to your skin's health -- is a bit off-putting to
  3. Seeing as I feel 3 months on Dan's Regimen should be enough time to draw conclusions as to whether or not it's working, maybe it wouldn't be such a bad idea to try the washing off method. I don't imagine there's anything too special about Clear and Smooth's BP, aside from the fact that it's designed to be a scrub. It's 2.5% strength just like Dan's BP. So maybe the same method might work with Dan's BP. At the very least, it's worth a shot. Granted, if you're going to start doing that, yo
  4. That's fine. I may have overreacted, but consider things from my perspective. The only input you had to share was mentioning the possibility that I might be doing this for my own personal gain. That was all you felt like saying on the subject. Any normal person is going to be a bit frustrated with a solely negative response like that right off the bat, especially when he feels it was uncalled for. Especially when my post delved into the reasoning behind my choice to give Clear and Smooth a sho
  5. ...are you claiming I'm simply shamelessly advertising Clear & Smooth? Seriously? If that were the case, wouldn't I be feeding you all with all this false information that it's cleared me up completely, is a godsend, etc. etc.? If you read my post, I said that I've been on it for 7 weeks now and haven't seen much of an improvement yet, but am hoping that will change. How does that come across like I'm promoting it??? Sorry, but I can't help but take offence to that allegation when I thou
  6. It's been about a year since I gave up on Dan's Regimen. I started it in the fall of 2007. Everything was going smoothly. It took me about 3 months or so to get clear, and I remained clear for a good 5 months or so. I was ecstatic that I had finally found something that worked, and proud that I had managed to stick to a regimen so strictly and attentively. It had actually paid off in the end! But the problem was the payoff was only temporary. Come June of 2008, I started breaking out again. Y
  7. I recently invested in this myself, and had my first 10-minute session this evening. Now that it's been over a month, have you noticed any improvements?
  8. Bumping this as I still have these questions.
  9. I have only ever used aquaphor to relieve small very dry patches of skin on my face that I'd get while on accutane, and once they returned to normal I'd discontinue using it on that area. I'm not keen on the idea of using it on my entire face on a regular basis.
  10. My second Accutane course is ending tomorrow. I'm 140 lbs. and have been on a daily dosage of 60 mg for roughly 17-18 weeks. I'm not quite 100% clear as there are a couple stubborn areas where the occasional pimple continues to appear, but it's certainly a drastic improvement over how I was before starting the course. So I don't know if I can offer anything new to the table of Accutane advice, but I'm going to go off of personal experience. I was on a stronger dosage than my first course so
  11. I'm 142 lbs. Course 1: Roughly 5-6 months, 40 mg/day Course 2: 4.5 months, 60 mg/day I'm finishing up my second course in just over a week. I'm mostly clear, but the red marks and scarring are much more of an issue than they were for the first course. I think I'm tolerating the second course better than the first one, namely because I found that Aquaphor deals with the dry lips problem exceptionally well. I wish I had discovered that during my first course. Also, this time around I actuall
  12. I started my first Accutane course when I was around 21. I recall it being a fairly low dosage for me though -- just 40 mg a day, but for roughly 5-6 months, I believe. I was acne-free for almost a year after that, but when I hit 23 it started to worsen again. I didn't want to deal with Accutane again, namely because of the expense, so I stumbled upon this site and tried out Dan's Regimen. After approximately 3 months on the Regimen, I was completely clear. But that only lasted for about hal
  13. Well, admittedly the red marks were only part of the reason I started using emu oil. Another was that I've noticed that Accutane has thinned my skin considerably, and I even have this strange wrinkle that appeared right down my right cheek which previously was not there. This along with the fact that scarring seems more evident. So I'm hoping starting this early will help restore my skin to its fuller, healthier state, as right now it's so coarse and thin, even with consistent use of moisturize
  14. I've noticed that it's helped improve my overall redness (i.e. the infamous "tane-burn") significantly in the past week or so of using it. Mind you, before emu oil I was using olive oil pretty consistently for a couple weeks too, which I believe may have contributed. The red marks themselves are persistent, though, and judging from your responses, the best solution for them is time. But as I said, I've been using this Rejuvene emu oil-based makeup to cover up any of this lingering redness, whi
  15. Correct, which presumably should be more than enough. In fact, if the recommended range is indeed 100-120 mg/kg, you far exceed it. We're roughly the same weight, yet my total dosage will amount to 7800 mg, compared to your 9600 mg. My course will have lasted a little over 4 months. But this is my second Accutane course so I feel I don't need to go overboard. Being within the recommended range is enough to set my mind at ease.