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  1. You dear make me sick... Such attitude with NO factual basis? If weed makes YOU 'hell' paranoid, its obviously becuase you have a pre-existing mental condition in your BRAIN. Most people experience ZERO detrimental effects of casual or even regular MJ consumption. There is no dying of brain cells, the paranoia you experience is most CERTAINLY related to your own psychosis. GET A CLUE, DONT SPREAD YOUR GARBAGE AROUND PLEASE. GET YOUR FUCKING FACTS STRAIGHT.
  2. Guessing its mental... dont feel bad everyone has mental probs in some area or another. Anyways get a smokin hot girl in front of you to do most the work for you..... im sure youll be fine then, lil cockeye wont pass up that opportunity...
  3. duddde why would you want to nut on your own face.... gotta be a better way than blowing loads on your acne. screwww that. lol
  4. Ive heard stories of even derms not giving the cort\kenalog shot properly.. I probably wouldn't want to go to a walk in clinic for a shot on my face, of course thats my biased opinion... Id go to that walk in clinic for other things, but not something on my face!! Wouldn't want to risk an inexperienced dermatological person putting a needle in my face? On another note, alot of derms understand different appointments require different scheduling and take different amounts of tiemt o complete..
  5. My face has been doing pretty well since starting accutane, however in around week 4-5 my IB started and plugs\closed comedones I have are turning to redmarks, then sometimes into large cysts... I moisturize religiously, but wonder if spot treating during the day with BP on these closed comedones that start getting redder and redder until their a cyst might be causing the problem? Perhaps the BP irritates it until it gets to be a large cyst... Ive been putting aquaphor on a couple of them at nig