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  1. RoC Age Diminishing daily moisturizer... it has soy & vitamin E, is oil-free/non-comedogenic, and has SPF 15
  2. Get them professionally waxed. Get references from friends or something though, because some salons/spas don't know what they're doing. I'd also recommend using smashbox's brow tech... comes with a powder and wax that does an amazing job of keeping eyebrows looking good.
  3. I'd try a moisturizer w/ AHA in it- it'll even out your skin tone and reduce the appearance of red marks.
  4. I use the Neutrogena one... it works pretty well, keeps my skin really smooth and doesn't get greasy at all.
  5. Where are you in southern california? Do you have health insurance? I'm in San Diego and my insurance covers my derm stuff (except for the co-pay).
  6. Just wondering if anyone had any sucess stories (as far as redmarks go) with either Vitamin E or Bio Oil? I'm debating which one to use for some redmarks I have left.. Thanks!
  7. I have used visine a few times, and it surprisingly did make a big difference in the redness.
  8. http://www.health911.com/remedies/rem_acne.htm
  9. lk3


    I bought one a couple weeks ago, tried it on a couple of spots, and it just seemed to make things a lot worse. My spots got much bigger and are still lingering. Anyone else have the same reaction? I seriously regret dropping that much cash on it...
  10. I've been taking one tablespoon of flaxseed/primrose oil everyday for the past two weeks, thinking it would help my skin, when in fact, I think it may be doing the opposite. Is it possible for some people to have this reaction? Anyone have this happen to them?
  11. Anyone ever feel like they're missing out on things (or life, in general? ha) because of acne? I can think of several big nights I've stayed home due to being embarassed... bummer!
  12. I've been on the regimen (DKR) for over a year now, and it's worked wonders on my skin. However, over the past few weeks, I've been breaking out worse than ever. I have a feeling it has to due with the change in weather (humidity?) or the stress I've been dealing with. Any suggestions?