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  1. Well I have gone through 2 full previous treatments and 1 "pulse" treatment....I am now on my second "pulse" treatment!!! So you think you have had it bad, well sorry I think I can throw my cards into that pile as well. Right now I am two weeks into my pulse treatment of 40mg three times a week and I it seems to be helping, can already see at least a 60 to 70% decrease in my skins oilyness and the breakouts (touch wood) look like they are on vacation....at least I feel "normal" again, dont have
  2. What I meant was that around 85% are "cured" (so they reckon) and around 10 to 15% dont respond to the treatment (aka they arent "cured").....I however respond being on accutane but once off it....acne comes back with vengence But pulse treatment seems like a godsend....
  3. Hi all Today I was put on my second "pulse" cycle of accutane (its where you take a limited dose over three days a week).....after having been on accutane for the full course twice, and one pulse cycle Looks like I am one of the 10 to 15% who dont respond to accutane....who would have thought But the great news is that I respond so well to it when I am on it that its scary...normally within a week I am clearer than an African sky....ah well you cant win em all.. If you will excuse me, I am o
  4. hey thanks adell!!!!!! Thats really want I want to hear actually. People are always just telling you want you want to hear and it irritates me. I have ice pick scars and while I dont think they are life threatening (socially and emotionally), they are there and no one has ever told me "hey they are not so bad", all I hear is "well its your choice" and "if it will make you feel better". Is there alternative natural treatments that one can use? I have heard that tissue oil works wonders?????
  5. Hi Guys So next month I have decided to go for laser treatment for the scars on my cheeks And not sure what to expect! I have some ice pick scars that although are not hair raising are noticable (if thats your kind of thing to notice )...anyways I was wondering if anybody else has gotten laser for ice pick scars and how effective was it? Or for any scars for that matter! Whats the general healing time? Is your face extremely red afterwards? Please dont be shy, tell me everything, this is life
  6. @chaseryder, what?????????????????????????????????????? Let me tell you something, when you cant even look yourself in the mirror, or find the strength to even leave the house or try to look your parents in the eye when they talk to you then accutane is a god send...and on top of that the fact that everybody who gets it is probably genetically predisposed to it then not only do I not care about a little bit of dry skin and lips and eyes but I dont care how anybody feels about it as its treatment
  7. WOW so you are like me!!!!! I have been on two 6 month courses and went on a "burst" cycle for six months that involved 20mg three times a week! However, after I finished the course...BANG the acne came back...although it is far less severe (I suppose its because I am so clinical with everything I do with my skin)! You know what was the greatest revelation of roaccutane is that once you are on it you can basically do anything to your skin ie put oil on it, touch anything that could be infected w
  8. I am 23 and I have been on Accutane three times with two full course times and one "burst" accutane cycle....to no avail!!!!!!!!! I use BP, exfoliation products and peels which actually seem to help...although I have yet to find a moisturiser that controls oil and hydrates my skin without breaking out?!?! Anyways...I am considering going back on accutane burst cycle for six months again because my response to accutane is absolutely brilliant, my skin clears up completely to the point that you
  9. Hi Guys I have got a very simple question...I live in South Africa and obviously getting the "regimen" products here could be quite a nightmare. Anyway products that I have available (besides everything) but specifically for treatment of spots is Johnsons and Johnsons clean and clear, as well as Oxy line of products. What I am currently doing is using Nivea for Men Oil control products (moisturiser and face wash) and then use Oxy Lotion 5 (I know its not 2.5% but I cant get 2.5 no matter where
  10. I have mentioned this before...I was accutane, also 60mg for around 6 months-----TWICE in around three years, and recently I went a three-a-week dose which consisted of 20mg for 5 months and then the last month was flat out 60mg for one month....did not help cause my skin has gone back to its previous condition and I have a dry eye condition which seems to be chronic (or it could be allergies)......but if I knew that the lower dose regimen was available then I would never have gone full dose bec
  11. Ok...now I have heard it all and I thought me using toothpaste would take the cake
  12. Well I cant help you but thanks for raising the question, hopefully someone can help us cause I have the same questions
  13. Go see a dermatologist, I would not try and pop or squeeze anything that looks like it can be squeezed or popped...you could end up making scars or really deep scars
  14. ahhhhh man I know exactly how you feel. Not having anyone understand what you are going through. You see everybody else with the perfect face and the perfect lives and yet they still find something to complain about, sometimes I think how lovely it would be for them to have to experience acne for one day!!!!! My mom used to in a very hurtful but I guess not intentional way make fun of my face by saying things like how could I have acne when my father and herself and brothers are clear??? And whe
  15. I think it is important to say exactly what the product is for?!? I cant tell you how many times I stand in front of the numerous products on the shelves of any particular shop and am left absolutely confused but also embarrassed. The worst is standing there with a face full of red spots and then trying to differentiate the product "ok so this one is for normal skin, but treats impurities, but dont I have impurities?" or "ok so this is one is for oily skin so I can use but it does not say whethe