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  1. I know how you feel But don't let it get you down. Try to see it as a challenge that makes you stronger, tougher and more compassionate than others around you. It's an experience that will help you bless others. Now for the more practical advice. It seems you have some active acne, so before you try and work on scars and clear red marks I would try and get the acne cleared up. Have you tried antibiotics? They aren't great long term, but short term they can do wonders in clearing your sk
  2. I'm curious how do you guys needle with the diabetic needles? I find it hard to get the right angles since the needles are very short.
  3. needling and dermaroller, I have scars very similar to those, some I have are deeper and so far they've responded well to both procedures. TCA Cross may work, I've done it a few times, but it's risky... very easy to make it worse if your hand isn't steady.
  4. it's strange... some of my scars seem broader and wider, but less deep. I definitely think it's better than not needling and rolling.
  5. I've been using the needling, dermarolling and LEDs for about 3 months now.... not quite six but I've seen some improvement... nothing stellar, but I get the impression that it's gradually smoothing the scars up, improving texture. I do feel some scars have gotten wider and broader. Overall I think it looks healthier. But I guess it'll be easier to say once I've been doing this longer.
  6. Hey all, Don't know if this has been mentioned before but I started doing a needling and dermarolling regimen and I wanted to keep track of my progress, so I started taking pictures. I noticed it was hard getting good shots that really showed the worse lighting conditions for my skin. So I started tweaking a bit with some photo editors and realized you can get the shadow effect just from using a simple photo editor like Picasa. All you do is go to the effects tab and pull the shadowing bar
  7. Thanks to everyone who put this together. It's a great resource! I'm looking to purchase a dermaroller for daily use and I was wondering what's the most effective needle length. I see .5mm and .75mm on ebay. Which one works better? Any recommendations? This is for better absorption of topical creams like terproline. What's too long to use on a regular basis?
  8. it's funny, I've also had needling done by Frank. Actually had it done twice, it's painful but not unbearable. The first time I had it done in May and the second time in early August. I haven't noticed that much improvement, but there has been some. I'm not sure if needling is one of those procedures that works well for some and not others or whether it just takes numerous repetitions. Either way, I recommend going to him and giving it a try. He's a great guy, very knowledgeable and supe
  9. Thanks for the update. I actually work in Manhattan, so it's not too bad. I'll have to take a train up there. Just curious how much did you pay for the procedure? Anyone else ? positive experiences, negative experiences any input would be very helpful.
  10. Hello friends, After reading through tons of posts about different treatments, I am thinking about going to get some needling done. Since I live within a reasonable distance from Frank at Transitions and I've heard some positive things about him I am thinking about going to have some work done. But, to give me some piece of mind, I was wondering for those of you who have gone to get needling done by Frank, could you post briefly about your experience and whether or not you thought it hel
  11. Congrats on the improvement! Just a question, is protein supposed to help collagen formation? I know that if I overtake protein it causes me to breakout.
  12. Hi everyone, this is my first post ever, I've been viewing the forums for a while, but haven't felt the need to enter anything yet; but now I do so here goes. I've had acne for a couple of years but only really scarred on two occassions once two years ago and last year. Both times I had stopped using medication to control my acne, for various reasons. For a while I would beat myself about it and think to myself, "if only I didn't stop my medication, and if only I didn't push my body so hard.