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  1. Mods, Can you please tell me when the salicylic acid lotion will be available? I am having great success using one salicylic acid product and one BP product as part of my routine.
  2. I went through my arsenal of acne products that I want to use up before I buy anything new, and had to settle for a 0.5% SA acne cleanser and also some leftover Proactiv Solution 2.5% BP. I have a feeling, from the posts I've read, that any percentage combination of PB and SA is good. So I'll use up what I have!
  3. You guys are on to something. I was doing a google search and found an article from prevention magazine where they interviewed different dermatologists regarding acne. In case you're interested, go into www.preventionmagazine.com and search for the article titled "Fight Acne with a One-Two Punch". Here is the quote from the article: "Unfortunately, over-the-counter creams aren't strong enough alone or in combination with other therapies to remedy severe acne, Berson says. But if you want
  4. Where do you buy it other than ebay? It is certainly not advertised anywhere. The Proactiv Infomercials ignore it, and QVC, which sells the entire Proactiv line, does not sell it. Very strange!
  5. LOL enjoy your acne TROLL!

  6. Well I tried the Stress Control cleanser for a second time to give it a fair shot - it is far too irritating. I'm only using it on my body from now on, BUT... The 3 in 1 Hydrating Gel is something else! It is totally amazing and I see why everyone loves it. It took away the redness and irritation that the cleanser caused. My skin was smooth and soft and I believe it controls the oil a little. Plus it dissolved a budding whitehead. It's a definite keeper. My next product to try will be the
  7. Listen, Madmen is definitely a computer troll. Don't feed into it.
  8. ...well, I can see I'm becoming obsessed with books on acne. After becoming interested in the Paleo Diet this weekend, I came across an ebook by the same author who wrote the Paleo Diet, Cordain. I downloaded it and it is a very fast, interesting read. This is the second book I've purchased this week on acne! I really like this one the best and wish it were available in hard copy (I'm not a fan of ebooks). Anyone else using a paleo type diet for their acne?
  9. I can't believe someone else is taking Accunatural besides me! Finally! I've been on it for a few weeks and the calming of my skin is amazing. I will never be without this supplement. I also have Dr. Goodless' book and also a new book called The Clear Skin Diet, written by a dermatologist and Naturopath doctor. They go over everything Dr. Goodless goes over in his book, but with far more detail. Yes, insulin resistance definitely is a factor in my opinion. However, I also feel eating goo
  10. That's one of the reasons I stopped benzoyl peroxide and will never go back. Used it for many years I might add. No matter what I did, the stuff just migrated - forget the eye area, my neck looked like an old lady's. That stuff MIGRATES - even with high doses of moisturizer, etc. Stopped using it, and my skin is back to normal (wrinkle wise!)... I am now using salicylic acid products for acne with good results. Sorry, this is my personal experience. I used benzoyl peroxide for about 10 yea
  11. I suggest you read the book the Clear Skin Diet which just came out, written by a dermatologist and naturopathic doctor. They definitely feel dairy is a culprit and so do I. I've been off dairy about two weeks now, and my skin is definitely calmer. I'll never go back to eating dairy again.
  12. ...well, I'm down to the end of the bottle and I may as well post about it. This moisturizer is awesome. I have VERY oily skin, and this one is nice. Adds hydration, plus it contains meadowsweet (which is a plant that naturally contains salicylic acid), AND they also add extra salicylic acid to it (probably a very low dosage because it doesn't list the percentage). This really keeps me hydrated and non-greasy. Plus it's unscented, has spf 15 and the added bonus of meadowsweet and salicylic
  13. Well, I've tried the stress control foam cleanser this morning, and I'm not impressed. I have sensitive facial skin and this made me itch. So I'll be using it up in the shower on my backne only. Tonight I will try the 3 in 1 hydrator after I use my tried and trusted cleanser Dove cleansing bar for sensitive skin.
  14. I have been using Accunatural supplements for a few weeks now and my skin has really calmed down. Plus I'm in PMS and should be flaring badly, but I'm not. I too believe in vitamins/herbs for the skin.
  15. Probably (this is only an educated guess), Dan is coming out with a salicylic acid product, because some of us do not like/use Benzoyl Peroxide and love salicylic acid products. Then there are those who are truly allergic to benzoyl peroxide, and salicylic acid is a welcome alternative. If Dan was against salicylic acid products at one time, so what. People and thoughts can change, and thank God they do. I am so happy Dan "came around" and is coming out with a salicylic acid product.