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  1. aubergine

    anti antibiotics

    how antibiotics ruined my skin... & how accutane is going to save it
  2. Happy 30th, birthday buddy! I hope this year is the best yet and it brings you love, happiness and joy...and oh yeah, clear skin!

  3. this girl's boyfriend sounds like an ass and if she doesn't have the strength or courage to dump him, then i suggest you stay far far away from her. girls that stay with their crappy boyfriends are needy and insecure. if all you are after is a romp in the hay, (and don't mind getting chased down by the ex) then go for it. but if its a serious girlfriend you want, i suggest you look elsewhere. you sound like a nice guy. do not be her doormat. no self-respecting girl/woman wants a doormat. tru
  4. My advice in a nutshell: Drink a lot of water - I'm averaging about 3 liters per day - this will help the overall dryness and keep headaches away. If you get a minor headache, that means you probably aren't drinking enough water. Keep moisturized - lips, eyes, nose, arms, neck, legs - everything. I was getting rashes, but if I put tons of lotion on, they went away. Get plenty of rest - you are going to be exhausted! I've also read that taking your pill with a glass of milk is enough fat to inc
  5. Hey, that is so crazy -- my birthday is on Thursday also!!! The 27th I turn 30. This means I am exactly one year older than you. So if you need any sage advice, sound words of wisdom, I am totally willing to dispense it for free. And yes, Capricorns are super amazing people. I am thrilled to hear that this will be a good year for us!
  6. I totally feel your pain! I just went to a holiday party this weekend and allowed myself 2 glasses of wine. Afterwards I drank even more water than usual to try to appease my poor liver. (Your liver is the 3rd most important organ in your body, behind your heart and brain. Seriously, you don't want to eff it up!) In the next two weeks I have Christmas, my 30th Birthday, and then New Years to somehow get through soberly. My friends keep asking me "When can you drink again?" I have found non-alc
  7. wow - super great results! you are definitely an inspiration and look amazing! thanks for posting these pics.
  8. ps - i use hydrocortisone cream from the drugstore for the dry patches on my arms, hands, neck. it really helps!
  9. I totally relate to everything every single person on this page has said. Sometimes I will be at work staring at my computer and realize I don't have the energy to do one single thing. Coffee doesn't help at all. I can't imagine being on accutane while in school - sorry to all you kids who have to! At least at work, I can slack off on the bad days and make it up a few days later. And ditto to the friends not understanding - I was visiting friends in Los Angeles a few weeks ago, and they dragge
  10. Congratulations lulu! I am a few days ahead of you in my course, and I too just realized that my skin is finally improving. And you are not alone in worrying about lighting! I hate being under fluorescent lights, and, besides work, avoid social gatherings that are not in dimly lit places (actually, i just avoid social gatherings!), ha ha! But we will be normal again soon, I truly believe it.
  11. According to my Dr., Claravis is the only generic brand that comes in the 30 mg dose (in the US). But I have heard of other people combining different pill levels to attain whatever dose they want/need. So if their brand only came in 10mg, 20 mg & 40 mg, they could just take a 20 & a 10 to get a combined daily dose of 30 mg.
  12. I want to respond to Apomes who says "loads of crap" to my warning. I did not have acne before I took Antibiotics. Severe acne does not just pop up out of the blue. And I am not a teen, so its not just hormones either. I uploaded photos of what I used to look like in the Member's Gallery if you want to see what I used to look like, less than a year ago. I suspect Apomes was being sarcastic, but actually yes, bacteria are "multiplying behind your back" when you take AB's. Different AB's kill d
  13. Please be very very careful with the antibiotics. Yes, they stop working when you stop taking them. And if you want to know what happens to some really lucky people when they take AB's, check out my gallery or Mandy Ann's. Really really insane breakouts and tons of scars (and there are plenty of others like us!)! I never had anything remotely close to this before. I'd say my mild "acne" before the AB's was only maybe 2% of what it became after the AB's. Thinking back on it, I really had nothin