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  1. $975 AUD ($994 USD) per treatment here in Australia. I'll ask him about the settings next time I'm in the clinic. Oh, ok. Well I've only got one more treatment to go, I've actually paused it for a while to wait for visible results in the coming months. Doing regular microdermabrasion as well during the downtime.
  2. Hey guys, long time lurker/member here. I had a Roaccutane treatment back in 2007. Since then my acne has pretty much died down, but has left moderate scarring on both of my cheeks. One side has a 2cm rolling scar that's fairly indented. I finally got around to going to a dermatologist last year, and due to my brown skin complexion, he advised against laser and decided three dermapen w/ platelet rich plasma treatments would do. He advised three treatments, a month in between each. Now I'
  3. Registered just to reply to this thread. I'm pretty much in the same boat. Acne slowly started when I was 14. The thing with mine was that it was on and off, ranging from mild to moderate through the years. Did the whole shebang with different medications, but only one antibiotic, which was Minomyocin, to no effect. It's definitely the oil. I know the feeling of having to go randomly to the bathroom just to wash/wipe all the oil off. It's a disgusting feeling. I've had half a mind to bring clean