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  1. yeah i've tried clindamycin before, it was prescribed to me twice. it worked well for me at making my bumps or cysts smaller, but it made made my face look red and somewhat swollen for some reason. so anyways, i learned not to plaster my face with all these chemicals because it will only make it worse. my face was really really bad before. now, you can see scars from my continous battle with acne.
  2. ok, so i just placed an order for daniel kern's starter kit! i'm so excited to get it. my face is really sensitive, and i don't like putting a lot of chemicals on my face so i figured that daniel kern's products are the best for me. i really hope they work well with my face and i dont get a friggin allergic reaction. right now i am taking doxycycline 100mg pills, and they seem to be controlling my breakouts really well. i just need a permanent regimen (daniel kern) since i keep switching produc
  3. hello everyone! i can't believe that i actually joined this site, but i'm happy at the fact that most of you are suffering from acne like ME. i'm a pretty content/happy guy, but wen it comes to my acne---my self esteeem goes down. but anyways, i'm planning to order daniel kern's whole acne kit. do you think it's a good idea?? i'm really skeptic, and i've tried almost everything. except accutane.