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    I Like Music, Horror Movies, and Anime. I play Guitar, Bass and Im backing Vocals In My Band Human Malice
  1. 3 Months and 3 Days Really sorry I havnt updated been sooo busy, busy with co-op and school regular shit, but uhh i was on my full dosage for almost a month but problems occured so im back down to 40mg. side affects: tired, dry skin, muscles and joint pains, dry eyes (sometimes), dry lips, thats pretty much it.
  2. hey. your lucky your first week was not as bad as mine i had chapped lips within days, but yeah I hope you dont get body aches like I am rightnow my lower back is really bad but im done a month in 4 more days, but keep strong it will be all better in the end.
  3. Day 26: Nothing has really changed thats why I havnt updated In a long time I still have the chapped lips a dew actives on my face and my back is slightly better, and ive been having lower back aches. but other than that everything good I will update with pictuures soon for my 1 month anniversary
  4. DAY 18: well I geuss everythings going good, nothing out of the ordinary, my lips arent really chapped any more, nose is still dry, and my back has been hurting lately. side affects: ^up thurr
  5. DAY 12: well my cold is going away I just have a runny nose, that big zit is going away. I think this medication is doing its job, and ya my mom doesnt want me to go on the 70mg when I go the derm , I just want to get through this god. side effects - dry nose, lips are sooo dry(any reccomendations), body aches, thats pretty much it.
  6. I hope the best im on day 12 now and my lips are soooooo dry, its a pain. anywho good luck!
  7. hope the best for you, and ya my mom was like that too but i convinced her !!!!!!
  8. DAY 9! thanx acneprone1977 I hope so, well my cold isnt as bad as it was a couple of days ago still got runny/stuffy nose ugh! ahha im got a couple of new pimples and one massive of right by my nose but i thinks its from constantly blowing my nose we i poked it and lots of blood. I couldnt have a big zit at school NO WAY! anyways as for my side affects I see my emotions are stronger. If someone pisses me off i freak if im sad im really sad if you know what i mean, what else im tired but not as
  9. DAY 4: today was long and brutal. All of a sudden I have runny nose dry mouth, dry eyes, mild headeache, dry throat, god im all sucked up, the only thing that is not dry is my face cuz I had really oily skin but its not getting much oilyer, ugh hope this gets better, and my lips are getting there fuck imma look like the dead, anyways not much has changed since yesterday on the acne situation the ones on my arms are going away so thats good my back looks the same, anyways update in a couple of d
  10. Day 3: well nothing changed my face is a tad better not much redness. Side Affects: my feet hurt, tired, dry eyes, and thats it
  11. hello everyone im 16 years old and im canadian! haha I've had acne since hmmm since I was 12, ya such a young age haha um ive tried lots of cleaners before i got into the accual medicines but every years since ive had it its gotten worse and worse and im tired of it, I cant stand ppl they way they look at you like you have some kind of infection, my selfesteem is low, I cant go to water parks because i have it all over my body well not ALL but my back, face, neck, mild on my arms and legs but yo