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  1. Hey there LoLo83! It is possible for stress to cause acne in one centralized area if that particular area is where you predominately get acne. If you get acne in multiple areas and now it's all of a sudden centralized to a certain area, it's most likely due to excessive irritation to the skin in that one area. Remember that irritation is one of the main culprits of acne, so make sure that your affected areas remain untouched and free from any excessive rubbing, poking or other unnecessary touchi
  2. Hey there! Acne is not age specific, so it can occur at all stages of a persons life whether as a teen, or as an adult. Although there are different types of acne, adult acne is the same as teenage/adolescent acne. The only real difference might be the cause of a persons acne. As an adult, a person's acne could be more stress related, and if a female, more hormone based. As a teen the reasons might be different. Hope this helps!
  3. Right now I currently take low doses of Vitamin A and Zinc, and was wondering if anyone has tried other vitamins to help acne that work better for adults rather than teens. Please let me know of anything.
  4. I would say your acne is mild to slightly moderate. Since most of your acne seems to be centralized on your cheek(s), it's really not that bad. Most of what I saw was scars and hyper-pigmentations rather than active acne. Keep treating it and it should get much better! By the way your image link doesn't work.
  5. Your recent breakout around your mouth area is most likely due to all the irritation caused to your skin by your dental procedure. All the poking, touching and stretching of the skin around your mouth while working on your teeth probably irritated your skin enough to breakout. Hope this helps!
  6. This topic has already been discussed somewhat on other posts, but I felt it deserved its own. Let's all state what we already know; acne and bad skin SUCKS! Whether you have mild, moderate or severe acne, dry, rough skin, or some other type of embarrassing skin condition related to acne, it can be both physically and emotionally draining. Add the fact that most of you in this forum are adults struggling with what a lot of people call a "teenage thing" or "just a part of puberty", and you have a
  7. So I started massaging my skin a little bit harder when I wash my face to get some of the flakes and dead skin cells to loosen and it worked pretty well. A lot of "gunk" has loosened and is visible on my skin. What's the best way of getting the flakes and stuff off your skin? Brush them off with your hand, use a towel or what? Please give me some ideas. Thanks.
  8. The problem is that your using the regimen "off and on". Your skin can't adapt to the regimen or overcome the side effects by starting and stopping the regimen over and over. I highly suggest you stick with the regimen precisely and try adding joboba oil in with the moisturizer. Also try Dan's new moisturizer if you haven't already, It's super hydrating. If you stick with the regimen consistantly the dryness should subside over time, just be patient. I struggled with bad dry skin, but over time
  9. I've been reading many reviews lately on the Cetaphil facial cleansers and Dan's cleanser and a lot of people, and I mean a lot of people are complaining that these cleansers don't treat their acne, or help it get better. I want to clear up, no pun intended, this misunderstanding about cleansers. Most facial cleansers especially the Cetaphil ones and Dan's cleanser do NOT contain acne medications and are NOT designed to treat acne. The purpose of a cleanser is to simply clean and prepare the fac
  10. To MisMeh and everyone out there suffering from anxiety and depression whether from skin problems or not, you can be happy again! I know that the emotional aspects of acne, skin problems, stress and the like can be very hard to handle at times. Here are a few tips to help you out. The hardest thing for me to overcome was the idea that acne is a condition that CAN be treated, and that it doesn't matter what people think of you as long as you think about yourself positively. A great counselor I'm
  11. on my post I mean...oops! x

  12. Thanks so much for the message you left on my profile. It cheered me up :)

  13. Thanks Kat! I tried that tonight and it worked pretty well. A lot of the flakes and and buildup came off so I'll see tomorrow if that worked. Thanks again!
  14. So I've been on DKR for about 3.5 months and the acne is pretty much gone, thankfully. There is a little dryness and flakiness but since I use a lot of moisturizer, it's really not bad at all. During the day however my skin feels "rough" and itchy. It doesn't feel stiff or tight, but when I touch it, there's seems to be a rough texture to it. Anyone else experience this or know how to help my skin feel softer and more smooth? I'm using all DKR products including the new moisturizer. Thanks every
  15. The whole idea behind Dan's regimen is creating the least amount of irritation for the skin as possible. If you are using a BP with a higher percentage than 2.5%, than you will probably irritate your skin further and cause more problems with acne, dryness and redness. Keep in mind that 2.5% BP, especially Dan's version has been proven just as effective as 5% or even 10% without nearly the same levels of irritation or side effects. I would highly reccomend you using a 2.5% BP and being as gentle