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  1. I found that exercising alone, or dieting alone weren't enough to get rid of the extra weight I was carrying. I had to do BOTH to see any effect. Also, bear in mind that if you're weight training in the gym you'll be putting on weight as muscle. So it may be disguising what's actually happening in terms of your body fat.
  2. Um, Ian, you have acne? I really can't see it. The only thing I can see stuck to your face is that pretty girl
  3. Clearly B5 doesn't work for everyone, but in my case I've had an amazing response to it. I get the timed release ones from H&B. I've been taking 2g per day for the last three weeks and I can't say enough good things about the results I've had.
  4. Also... For you UK bods: you don't need to order the stuff from the States over the Internet. You can get it from high street shops. I get mine from Holland and Barrett. It's sold under the name Pantothenic Acid and comes in 200mg or 500mg tablets. It's less than a tenner for 100, 500mg tablets. At 4 per day that should see you through for almost a month. I don't know if the forum rules allow users to post links to commercial sites so I apologise to the mods if this is a booboo.... h
  5. As a kid aged around 14, I was prescribed various topical and oral treatments for my acne. None of them had the slightest effect. I'm now 25 and for the last nine years I've had mild acne on my face and moderate acne on my back. I've never been too keen on 'attacking' my body by applying or ingesting harsh chemicals, and it was only during a bout of depression that I decided to give the B5 thing a go. I'd read about it years ago but dismissed it out of hand; to me it sounded like a scam. But
  6. Could you people share where you get your supplies of Quinoderm please? I've not seen it for sale in any of my local shops :/