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  1. I had a biopsy done on some persistent, recurring lesions on my chest. The biopsy tested specifically for bacterial, viral, and fungal causes. The results came back that the lesions were being caused by a staph infection. My doctor told me to use Hibiclens antiseptic wash in the shower. I have been using this for several months with zero effect on the lesions. Unfortunately, I am not able to see my doctor until May to seek a new course of treatment. Are there any suggestions for some o
  2. Anyone try the magnesium supplements? I haven't tried those before, thinking about trying them out.
  3. Tea tree did nothing for me. It can spread. It spread from my upper chest/shoulders to my stomach, my back, and the front of my thighs.
  4. I am still struggling with this. I haven't been able to find anything that is effective and I have gone through 2 dermatologists who refused to prescribe me serious anti-fungals, or even perform biopsies/cultures on the lesions to figure out for sure what they are. If nothing else I am pretty pissed off at the medical profession over this. Yes, it's cosmetic, it's not like I have something life threatening like skin cancer, but I'm tired of hearing "Oh it doesn't look that bad!" every time I
  5. Well - I tried a chlorine bath yesterday. Not a good idea. I soaked in a bathtub with a very diluted amount of Clorox bleach (50 mL for the whole tub) for about 10 minutes, then thoroughly rinsed. This morning I woke up and I had a very, very nasty flare of the folliculitis - probably the worst I have had in over 6 months. Very disappointing. I wish more people would participate in this thread. I've been struggling with this condition for 2 years and it is really affecting me.
  6. I've actually found a couple things that have helped a ton combating PF. I started using a brand new body towel and hand towel every day in the shower. In addition, I change my undershirt halfway through the day. I've been doing this for 2 months and my PF has improved remarkably just from doing this. I think I was "reinfecting" my upper body/torso by using the same body and hand towel 7-8 times in a row before washing the towels in the laundry. I had a bad run in with sunscreen and PF this w
  7. So the PF that I have has gotten extremely bad lately. It's all over my back, chest, stomach, and arms. It itches like hell and is not responding to any type of anti-fungal topical treatment. I have used 2% ketoconazole shampoo, 2% selenium sulfide shampoo, 2% zinc pyrithione, 2.5% coal tar shampoo, and I even broke out the secret weapon, 1% ciclopirox shampoo. This recent breakout has not been responding to anything at all. It's literally everywhere, itches like crazy, and looks absolutely awfu
  8. What salicylic acid product are you using?
  9. Has anyone at all been able to cure their PF/MF? I have heard that a 3 month course of pulse itraconazole can cure it, but I'm having serious problems getting my dermatologist to prescribe it to me. I have had great success using ciclopirox shampoo (prescription only in the US) but I have been hesitant to overuse because I do not want the fungus to become resistant. What brand of product are people using for a mandelic acid wash?
  10. As an update, the Wood's lamp diagnosis did indeed show the lesions on my chest as fluorescing white under the lamp, likely indicating a fungal cause for the lesions. I recently started going to a new dermatologist who has successfully treated the condition before. One of the things she prescribed me was Loprox Shampoo, a (very expensive) prescription strength anti-fungal shampoo. I have to say, this stuff is miraculous. It seems to dry up and kill the lesions overnight. We will see how it pro
  11. Just a heads up for those who are wondering if their body acne is pityrosporum (fungal) folliculitis or not, I've been doing a good bit of research on the diagnosis methods used by doctors for this condition, and it appears a common one is to shine a Wood's lamp (ultraviolet lamp) on the lesions. Fungal lesions tend to fluoresce a blue or white color under ultraviolet light. In theory this means you could analyze the lesions while in a tanning bed, although using a focused, high powered UV lamp
  12. FYI I've been reading up on fungal folliculitis and it appears that pityrosporum folliculitis lesions will fluoresce under ultraviolet light, with a blue or white color. I'm going to hop in a tanning bed and see what happens, if that doesn't appear to be conclusive I may even purchase a Wood's lamp (UV lamp) off Amazon and test it out, you can get cheapy ones for US$25. Hopefully once I figure out whether it's fungal or bacterial (or possibly viral) I can present this all to my unhelpful doctor
  13. Hello all, I've been struggling with a pretty nasty condition on my chest for the past year or so. It has not really flared up very badly until the past week or so, when it got very hot and humid. I've been doing a lot of researching online and it appears likely that it could be a fungal folliculitis infection (pityrosporum folliculitis). I've attached two pictures of the condition to this post. I would love everyone's feedback. As a brief history of the problem: 1) These red lesions appear
  14. Alfonzo, that could very well be pityrosporum folliculitis, which is a fungal overgrowth. It can occur in the forehead area (there are actually very tiny vellus hairs all over the forehead that you can't really see). I suffer from the same thing and I have been controlling it with some over the counter antifungal products. I suggest doing some searchs on this forum and taking a look.
  15. Well, a quick update - I started using some Nizoral shampoo on the new papules that developed on my shoulders and chest, and 4 days later they have started to clear up. I'm guessing this is a pretty good indicator that the folliculitis has spread to that area. So far my forehead and temples have been back and forth. I will be clear for a couple of days and then I will get a few new papules, then will be clear again. The Nizoral regimen has definitely improved the area.