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  1. Hey. See, i knew it. I did the same, i have had sex like mad over the last week, i think its been about 10-12 times, yes, ive even done it 2 or 3 times a day. Its cause ive met someone, and she is sex mad! I aint complaining, but there is a downside to it as well. What she doesnt realise is the more sex i have, the less she will want sex from me because my face will break out like mad. Ive arranged to meet her on Saturday, we are gonna spend a whole night together for the first time, boy o boy
  2. Hey All Let me share my update, i was doing well and abstaining from masturbation, then i couldnt help it and i am going to break out big time in the next few days, because i have masturbated everyday for the last 3 days. . I need help!!!!! Someone to encourage me not to do it. So it dawned on me that maybe it might be good to get a Acne PenPal. Someone who i can speak to when i feel the urge to do it, a lot of you might think it sounds stupid, but not if it helps me and the other person to a
  3. Hey Everyone, its been a few weeks since ive posted last, sorry for the late update, but i was busy with work, just finished my summer job and now go back to university on Monday. The status of my skin is quite bad, i masturbated monday and tuesday and have broken out quite bad and i go back to university in 4 and half days and i really hope my skin clears up really quick by then, i intend to use my BP cream twice a day for the next 3 days to get rid of the spots and of COURSE stop masturbating.
  4. Update: So its been 6 and half days since i last started this regime (which basically consist of staying away from too many fatty foods, fizzy drinks and sex or masturbation), my skin is improving. I am not completely clear yet but skin is better than it was this time last week. I well again post next weekend to discuss results, but if they continue at this rate i will be very pleased. I have however has laspses in concentration on a few occassions, i have got excited in a few occassions and th
  5. Hey Everyone! This is my first post, been visiting acne.org for 4 years now as a guest. Thought it was time to Register and share my thoughts and views on acne and my past experiences. Here are my thoughts: Scientific explanations My Personal Thoughts What is acne? Acne is a skin disorder (disease) that affects the skin's oil glands. Something that people who have acne want to get rid of and dont like because we know it doesnt look nice (hence why we are all here and why YOU are rea