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  1. Most people apply jojoba oil wrong.... You are only suppose to use a few drops for the entire face. The correct way is to wash your face, but don't dry it off completely--you want your face to still be kind of wet. Use a few DROPS for your entire wet face and you will feel it absorb in.
  2. Hey Matt, after a month, I tried adding Eucerin in to the regimen and it made my face so reddddddddddd. I guess its not for everyone.
  3. Once in awhile my face gets a little oily. I would like to try using pressed powder. Im just wondering what it is though. Any specific brand? Thanks.
  4. 1. Has your acne cleared up since? Yea, my acne is doing much better. 2. Has this site made you more obsessed, or relieved? I try not to visit this site much. It can make you obsessed with acne. The diet section made me insane about what I ate and made my acne 10x worse. All the stress and lack of food I ate was bad. 3. Why do you still post here? I don't post often. Sometimes the diet posts are so insane so I must say something. 4. How is your face right now? Better or worse than when you
  5. I switched to the Eucerin after 10 days or so and my face felt tingly for a few minutes for the first 2 days of using it. After that, no more tingle lol. Try it out and see what happens. But, you should be ok.
  6. You want to use a full finger for your ENTIRE face, so you divide it up like a 1/4 finger for your right cheek, 1/4 for your left cheek, 1/4 for your chin and 1/4 for your forhead. This would make a full finger. Also, you want to use a full finger by the END of the first month. So on week 2 and 3, you should nto be at a full finger. Just gradually increase until your at a full finger by week 4.
  7. Yea, the regimen made me shed skin like crazy for a week and a half. Now, im on like day 15 and much less shedding. I switched to Eucerin Clear Skin Renewal moisturizer at night and it has helped me so much with the shedding. My red marks seem about the same.
  8. Im currently listening to Gruvis Malt. Vismal Never, Exit Strategy, Mr. Prince, Heart Transplant You can Afford, Casual... basically all gruvis malt. Gruvis is an unsigned, like jazz, rock, rap, everything band. Great stuff.
  9. Hey everyone, I have been following the CSR regimen for a little over a week and my skin is almost completely clear. Yea, I know its early, but it really is clear for now. I have only been applying BP at night at a third of a finger. Someone posted about only washing their face at night and applying BP gel at night and that it worked for them and this is what I plan on doing. I have really sensitive skin and if I can get away with just applying BP gel at night, it would make life easier. So I ON
  10. I live in the U.S. and buy spectro jel from Global Drugs . It came in like a week. The one that people use is the one that says spectro gel fragrance free. It is for sensitive skin.
  11. The proactiv gel shoots out kind of skinny, almost like the neutrogena bp. It might be easier to follow the picture of the neutrogena gel. Gel Amount . The third apllies to any bp gel that is 2.5 BP, which proactiv is. 1. Yea, so wash your face, and wait like around 10-15 min, 2. Then Apply your BP gel. 3. Wait 15 minutes, apply your moisturizer.
  12. If you know you have sensitive skin, then I wouldn't do it twice a day until after a week. I started the regimen a week ago and have only been doing it at night. My face is still very dry and tight. Also, make sure you are only using 1/3 of a finger of BP. Your face won't feel dry at first, but after a few days, it will.
  13. I had like 100 in my senior class lol. It was a small HS.
  14. I would give it at least a month before you start to assess its effectiveness.
  15. Well, lets put it this way... When you get really stressed out, what do you do to calm yourself down? Everyone is different, but for me, when I am stressed, I binge eat and it calms me down. Although, 2 hours later I feel disgusted at the fact that I just ate crap food. It's a vicious cycle lol. I do yoga everyday and even drink a Kava tea, which it suppose to help wit stress (don't know if it works, but it smells and taste so good), and I still am always stressed out. Binge eating is really t