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  1. ^ Ya same as me, I took accutane some 7 years ago, and my side effects were only mild dryness- mostly the lips too! And since then I've been mostly completely clear =). OP you should try it and see! If you can't handle them, then stop immediately =). Best of luck! .
  2. My acne used to be cystic and really bad, but it never came back after I finished my course of accutane. Zero maintenance treatments afterwards. I still get something insignificant every now and then but nothing serious. Also I think it depends on skin type. Some people's red marks fade quicker than others. Hopefully you'll have better luck with accutane this time
  3. Wassup Jaxman! Hope you're well broseph :)

    1. Jaxin


      im real and still drunk and high as as ever! but how bout you movin to Cali1

  4. Hey! I haven't posted on the org for so long D: but I just saw your post and thought I could help =). When I had acne it would leave loads of post-acne marks/hyperpigmentation, and I wanted to get them too, especially after I finished using accutane. They should fade in time but I found this advice helpful if you want them gone sooner! http://www.skinacea.com/how-to/fade-acne-marks.html#.VXvYns-qpBc I also remember getting some hyper pigmentation fading cream from the pharmacy. I can't re
  5. Yo Tim! I bought Ni No Kuni man! Are you playing it? It's so good thus far! Thanks for that dude, I owe ya one :D.

    1. User142279


      Sup Thanatos!

      Nice man, glad you like it! I figured it would be up your alley! It really takes me back to that classic RPG sort of feel, with all the modern looks. Mr.Drippy's substitute cuss words always make me laugh :lol: I'm about 18 hours in, and play it whenever I get the chance! How's gaming going with lawyering? It's cool you still make time for gaming; I'd bet work keeps you pretty busy!

    2. Thanatosia


      Haha yeah man its really cool! I just got Esther, and on my way to the Sage Trials. Certainly a great RPG, and loving it so far. However, There are a few aspects of the game that sort of annoy me. The game has this sort of 'hand holding' aspect to it. Also, only being able to cast spells when dialogue prompts it is silly! (the spells don't have to WORK, but at least cast it :P.) I'm not a huge fan of some of the familiars either! Those are all minor things, though,...

  6. hey I hear you took accutane, did you have good results ? Still clear?

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    2. AuguriesofInnocence


      *not because you share the name of the god of death!* lol

    3. Thanatosia


      Aw, why thank you! That photo is about 5 years old, though! :) Not very clear either hehe. Yes I've heard some of the horror stories! Best of luck with that, and you are absolutely right; you should always be positive, regardless of the subject :).

    4. AuguriesofInnocence


      added you as a friend, I never had a friend from new zealand except russel crowe haha;-)

  7. How goes the gaming? And the new year? :-D

    1. Gutterflower


      Swimmingly, of course. ;D New year is okay! How 'bout you?

  8. Hey Thanatos! I was thinking of video games the other day, was wondering if you like the Fire Emblem series?

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    2. Thanatosia


      yeah! I can't wait till Versus is out! Sigh... Yeah that evil kitty was lame! I like the puppy lol. Will you still be getting a ps3?? Christmas was just around the corner!

    3. User142279


      No PS3 yet :c not much time for it this semester, reading heavy classes, actually trying to learn and retain the info hahaha. Definitely going to drop life when Versus comes out though! I recall reading they're doing a facelift version of Final Fantasy X??

    4. Thanatosia


      Yup they're remaking it in HD for PS3/PS Vita! I love that game :D- I'm super getting it!

  9. Condara!

    1. Thanatosia


      Lak barboog! I am in Amsterdam lol. About to get onto the plane to England. I tried to message you before but you were AFK or something! I'll chat to you soon bro. Peace!

    2. Loochi


      Lol I'm always playing starcraft or doign something else when you come on dude! Lol! 3ma. Yeah we will talk

    3. NessaVenasaur



  10. DUDE! FF Type-0 looks insanely awesome. It kinda reminds me of a FFVIII, with the whole student academy army thing that's going on. I hear it's super dark too, and the gameplay looks fantastic.

    1. Thanatosia


      yeah man the world looks awesome! Apparently it's partly based on the FFXIII world too. I'll definitely be giving it a go. The fighting system is based on the crisis core system, though, and I am not a big fan of that. I prefer the old school turn based ATB! Nonetheless, should be awesome :D.

    2. User142279


      Website no update me blah. I'm really excited for it, but I don't want to buy a psp just for it, hopefully they make some kinda enhanced version or PS3 port. I liked Crisis Core, but it's definitely different than the traditional ATB type of play. I'm really excited for a darker FF! I want deadness :o

  11. All is well O great one...how about you?

    1. AmaraG


      from the looks of things, 'very busy"! lol. Dont forget to eat those giant cookies :-D

  12. History and Law? Interesting :) - I'm in my final semester of law school!

    1. Andante


      Congratulations, that is quite the accomplishment! I always wish I would have taken law at school as it is a subject I am very passionate about.

    2. Thanatosia


      It is fascinating :) and it's never too late! There are lots of people in their 30's, 40's, or even 50's at law school here, and they're going to make great lawyers!

  13. Hey man. Long time, how ya keeping? im still banging just not the drums. lol. Been very busy with work, studying and im training for a chairty event so my focus is in other directions right now. Whats new your end? How is the law career going? Hope it's working out for you.

  14. bro im owned ay.