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I FINALLY have clear skin!!
So I already blogged my entire journey if you want to check out my profile, but long story short going vegan + stopping wearing foundation + stopping the harsh medications on my skin CURED my acne. And it had to be all three of those at the same time, because I tried isolating them and none of them worked alone. I used an elimination diet to figure out that eggs, dairy and meat were all making my skin break out. I HIGHLY recommend doing a strict elimination diet to figure out exactly what make Y

By Vanessa P,

Love! But...it doesn't take off makeup.
I'm in love with this cleanser. It's so creamy and nourishing! The only problem is it doesn't take your makeup off completely, so if you need your cleanser to do that, this is not the product for you. I use micellar water to take of makeup, then cleanse with this.

By Vanessa P,

How did I not know about this sooner???
After getting off Accutane last year and still breaking out, I was done. I was so frustrated - Accutane had been the cure for both of my brothers!! I finally decided to tackle my diet and cut out dairy/gluten/alcohol/caffeine/sugar and slowly introduce them back in to see what made me breakout. The problem is, my acne never really cleared up, so how was I supposed to tell if any of the foods were making me breakout? I was searching this website for an answer, for a cure!! I finally s

By Vanessa P,

Too Harsh for Face
This face wash was WAY too harsh on my face and dried my skin out like crazy. I had slather on lotion like crazy to counteract the dryness. That being said, this worked WONDERS for my back acne! I guess because the back skin isn't as sensitive? It cleared my back completely if I kept using it in the shower. Pretty good stuff - just not for face!

By Vanessa P,

Amazing hair and nails!
So I started taking this for my acne, but it really hasn't made much of a difference in my skin. It didn't make it worse, it just didn't make it better. The reason I'm giving it 5 stars is it made my nails SO STRONG and my hair has been growing at lightning speed!! So if you're looking at this for your skin, it won't hurt to try it! And the amazing side effects don't hurt either ;)

By Vanessa P,

Results don't last
So because this kills the bacteria in your face, the acne does get better. Unfortunately you can't stay on it forever, so once you stop, the acne comes back. At least that's what happened for me! It works, but the results don't last. Also, antibiotics also kill a lot of good bacteria in your gut which may cause long term digestive issues. All in all, not worth it.

By Vanessa P,

Cure for some
I'm giving Acctuane two stars because it was a total cure for both of my brothers. Unfortunately for my sister and I, we both relapsed a few months after stopping. The dermatologist recommended taking a second round, but at the end of my first round my hair was falling out. I still have bald patches on my hairline. Not cool.

By Vanessa P,

Works great, but is not an all-in-all cure
This definitely got the job done in terms of clearing up most of my acne, but because my acne was hormonal, this was not the cure for me. I definitely recommend this product, but for those suffering from more severe acne, this will only help partially, since it may not be addressing the root of the issue. I highly suggest using this regimen WITH an elimination diet to see what foods may be creating hormone imbalances or inflammation, therefore causing the acne.

By Vanessa P,

Works - but NOT WORTH IT
Before Tazorac starts working, there is a HUGE breakout period that happens almost immediately. This breakout was the worst breakout of my life and was emotionally crippling, but having faith in the product, I continued through. It took me 7 weeks to obtain "clear skin" with Tazorac. I say "clear" because the initial breakout caused INTENSE scarring, scarring I'm still dealing with today 5 years later. On top of that, I started breaking out again a few months after Tazorac made my skin "clear",

By Vanessa P,