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  1. That's awesome!! I just want to say I literally have the same story - I tried everything from antibiotics to birth control to accutane. Then I finally cut out all the creams, stopped wearing foundation, and did an elimination diet. I fond out that dairy, meat and eggs all make me break out, so I'm basically vegan now. Elimination diets are awesome and they totally work!!
  2. Taking that first step in going to therapy is HUGE - so way to go!! Going vegan totally cleared my skin, and it sounds like that works for you too, you just have to balance your mind to be able to eat vegan in a way that is mentally healthy too. I'm sure therapy is going to be amazing for you, but what also helped me is remembering that every 'mistake' you make isn't a mistake, it's just gathering data! So what if you eat the wrong thing, it's just a new piece of data in this whole experiment of clearing your skin! It helped me take the guilt and shame off of 'messing up'. Is your family supporting your diet changes? Maybe if your family bought vegan food specifically for you, you'd be able to eat what's in your house without looking at labels all the time. Don't try to go through this alone! Also meditation is AMAZING!!! I hope you find peace in all this
  3. Vanessa P

    Why do I still break out?

    I agree with SweetLeather, it seems like you might be putting too much on your face. I used to use ALL the creams you mentioned. What worked for me was cutting out all the creams, just using micellar water to cleanse and cetaphil to moisturize. In addition I also stopped wearing foundation (which made a HUGE difference, even though I thought I was wearing a safe foundation - it was all natural and organic and STILL made me breakout). And then lastly I did a strict elimination diet where I cut out EVERYTHING but fruits and veggies, and then added the foods back in one at a time. I found out that eggs, meat and dairy all make me break out, so now I'm totally vegan, but everyone's different! Some people find out that oils make them break out, some people find out that gluten makes them break out, that's why elimination diets are so important and so effective. Finding the solution can take awhile but I just want to encourage you to not give up!! Also, don't look for quick fixes. I regret taking accutane, birth control and antibiotics because none of them worked long term. Going natural is the way to go!
  4. Vanessa P

    I FINALLY have clear skin!!

    I FINALLY have clear skin!!

    So I already blogged my entire journey if you want to check out my profile, but long story short going vegan + stopping wearing foundation + stopping the harsh medications on my skin CURED my acne. And it had to be all three of those at the same time, because I tried isolating them and none of them worked alone. I used an elimination diet to figure out that eggs, dairy and meat were all making my skin break out. I HIGHLY recommend doing a strict elimination diet to figure out exactly what make YOUR skin breakout. I always thought carbs and sugar were making me break out - turns out it was the opposite! Now that I'm vegan, people tell me all the time that my skin is glowing, which is super weird because I used to be SO ASHAMED of my skin. Just a tip, do not try to go totally vegan and go totally off skin creams and stop wearing foundation all at the same time!! You definitely need to slowly make these changes so your skin can get used to everything gradually. It took me months to make all these changes for good!
  5. Vanessa P

    Day 47

    So it's been two weeks since I posted on here! Here's the update: So my first trigger food once I started reintroducing foods back into my diet was eggs. I added grains and my skin was fine. Then I added chicken - another breakout. Then red meat - another breakout. Then dairy - another breakout. (I did let my skin breathe in between adding foods for a few days so I knew it was the food and not a residual breakout from a previous food) I will say that the breakouts were not bad, just whiteheads, not the cyst that popped up when I had eggs. So, I have decided to go vegan. It looks like animal products are the things keeping me from clear skin. It's been three days since my last breakout and for the past three days I've been eating vegan and my skin is looking goooooooood. I am honestly amazed that my skin is this good right now. I will say, I am not going to a very strict vegan. If someone offers me a non-vegan cookie, I'm gonna take it and deal with the whitehead the next day. But hopefully staying vegan for the majority of my meals will keep the serious acne away. I'm still only washing my face with micellar water. No harsh creams and no foundation. I'm thinking maybe once I'm really confident in my vegan diet, I might reintroduce foundation, but I haven't decided when or if I will do that. I've really loved being proud of my natural skin
  6. Vanessa P

    Take two: Day 34

    My skin is still so clear!! After chocolate I added whole wheat in the form of Ezekiel bread, whole wheat crackers and whole wheat eggless waffles. No breakouts at all! Next on the list is refined flour. I figured that if whole wheat is fine for me, I've already introduced gluten. The only reason I want to get refined flour out of the way is not because I really want to eat much of it, but because I have a bridal shower coming up that's tea party themed and I really want to be able to eat scones and tea sandwiches without worrying about my skin. So white flour is up next! Let's see how it goes!
  7. Vanessa P

    Take two: Day 31

  8. Vanessa P

    Take two: Day 31

    So the next food I introduced into my diet was chocolate (mostly because I've been craving it hardcore). I introduced it three days ago by making my own chocolate, since I wanted to avoid dairy and processed sugar. Basically I melted down unsweetened chocolate, added coconut oil and some maple syrup, flavored it with either cayenne, coconut or cinnamon (I made three batches), then layered the melted chocolate in mini muffin liners with slices of banana. Then I just cooled them in the freezer, easy peasy, no refined sugar or dairy needed! And they're SOOOOOOO delicious! I can't wait until I can do this with peanut butter and pretzels. Anyways, today is day three of chocolate and no new acne!! I have one little bump between my eyebrows but that's just because I was plucking too vigorously. The cyst from the eggs is disappearing nicely. I really hope eggs is the only allergen but my prediction is that the casein in milk products is going to be another culprit. One step at a time...
  9. Vanessa P

    Take two: Day 27

    So yesterday I introduced eggs. I made shakshuka and then I also made a dairy free custard (both were absolutely delicious!). About halfway through yesterday I saw the beginnings of a cyst on my cheek. I was hoping that it would go away but today it got even bigger, plus I had some tiny bumps form too. So it looks like eggs are one of my trigger foods I'm pretty bummed, because I know how many foods have eggs in them, but I'm hoping that if they're present in trace amounts it won't bother me. I'm kind of pumped that this whole experiment is working, but it sucks because I love fried eggs. Oh well - clear skin is definitely worth it!
  10. Vanessa P

    Before Pic

    @billygirl I know right?? And that change happened in only three weeks!
  11. Vanessa P

    Take two: Day 24

    So I have officially started reintroducing foods into my diet. I was going to wait until this Saturday, but I went to an event last night thinking I could just have salad, but the salad was already pre-dressed in Caesar and parmesan, so I chose to eat gluten free pasta, which seemed to be the lesser of two evils. I ended up having two plates of it, so at the same time this will be a test for gluten free pasta and high glycemic load. So far so good. No cysts. I had a tiny whitehead pop up around my mouth but I think that's more because I've been wearing lipstick a lot lately. I've been getting some small red bumps but they're not cystic and they don't turn into whiteheads. It's almost as if they're not even acne, just little red bumps, so I'm not really concerned with them at all. As of right now it looks like gluten free pasta is safe for me!
  12. Vanessa P

    Before Pic

    I just realized I never really included a before pic since I started this blog on Day 5. So this pic I'm attaching was my skin the day before I started the no foundation / fasting / elimination diet routine. And so you can see how far my skin has come I'll also include a pic from today. SO CRAZY.
  13. Vanessa P

    Take two: Day 20

    How has it already been 20 days?? Since the mini breakout after eating pineapple, I have had no new breakouts! Yesterday I introduced coconut oil back into my diet, which I'm not worried about, and so far it has done nothing to my skin. My hyperpigmentation is still fading. Can't wait till it's totally gone because that's really the only thing that's making my skin look blemished. I started wearing lipstick again since my skin has been so stable. The whole waiting 4 days to introduce a new food is really going to test my patience, especially if my skin is doing well, but I can't disrupt the 'experiment'. (That's how I have to think of it or else I'll cheat!) Lord, give me patience!!
  14. Vanessa P

    Take two: Day 17

    So over the weekend I made a discovery - pineapple makes me break out!! I'm not really sure why, because I can handle other high sugar fruits like mango, maybe it's because of the enzymes? But whatever the case, I now know one of my trigger foods! So exciting! This really just gives me hope that this is all going to work out in the end, that I'm going to know 100% what makes me break out and what doesn't. The reaction wasn't bad, just a couple tiny whiteheads, but obviously the goal is no whiteheads at all, so that means pineapple has got to go! Skin is still looking good besides the 3 tiny little whiteheads that formed after drinking pineapple juice. In the pics, you can barely see them so I'm hopeful that they'll be gone soon. Still wearing no foundation but I added some retinol cream every once in awhile to help with the hyperpigmentation.
  15. Vanessa P

    Take two: Day 13

    So the red splotches and whiteheads that formed after the sugar scrub are now subsiding, so that's good. Still drinking only juice and water. This time was much easier to start juice fasting because my body has been totally detoxed from carbs so I don't crave them at all. Yes, I do miss the taste of them, but my body isn't like, "GIVE ME CARBS". I'm really happy I am reintroducing foods one at a time after this - it's going to give me so much clarity as to what causes my acne. I'm also hoping that I can stick to this no foundation thing forever. I love not having to worry about putting it on before I go out or taking it off at night. Part of me is hoping that makeup was the issue the whole time and I'll be able to eat whatever the heck I want! But let's be realistic. That's probably not the case. *sigh* Another benefit of juice fasting is I have SO MUCH free time now! I am amazed at how much time we spend preparing and eating food. It's kind of crazy...