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  1. Ooooh, I see. :) Perhaps when I finish the bottle (and if I have no weird side effects from the fillers which would cause me to stop taking it early), I'll buy some actual fish oil liquid. Do you have any suggestions on brands I should keep an eye out for? Thanks again for your help - I really appreciate it :)
  2. My sister (and father) have been taking Flax Oil in liquid form for a while now. I bought a bottle of Rexall Organic Flax Oil with Omega 3 and started taking a spoonful a day since last Friday. Now, I've read that fish oil is so much better to get the Omega 3's, but since both my dad and sis swear by the flax oil, I think I'd like to continue taking it in the evening. I did, however, buy some actual fish oil today though (in pill form which I figured would be easier to take at lunch while at w
  3. I've never used MAC's Studio Fix powder ( I used the Studio Fix Fluid), but I have used many types of mineral and powder foundations. I'd suggest sweeping the brush on the foundation, tapping off any excess, then applying it in circular motions. Personally, I find that I get better coverage when I apply after moisturizing - but when my face is still a bit "moist". Keep in mind, though, I haven't tried the powdered Studio Fix before so I'm not sure how it'll turn out for you. Just keep experiment
  4. I've been doing the aspirin mask for years. I simply take 5-6 aspirin in my cupped hand, add a tiny bit of water, give it about 30 seconds, push them around with my finger (they dissolve pretty quickly), add more water (just a few drops) if needed and then pat the paste onto my face. It definitely feels grainy though - to answer your initial question. Also, I leave it on until its dry... about 10 min. Be careful though - when its dry/drying, if you move your mouth around much, the aspirin dust
  5. is mac non comedogenic? I always thought it was a no acne prone type of person makeup. I second this question. Has anyone had problems with Mac makeup and acne? I'm ohso tempted to get Studio Fix and Blot Powder but I'm scared of breaking out. I really think it depends on the person. I use (and love) MACS Studio Fix Fluid (and haven't had any breakouts - been using it for about a year). I also use their blush, powder, shadows, etc.. etc.. without issue. My sister, however, does
  6. I just looked in the mirror and I don't appear to have any sort of coating on my tongue (and I haven't brushed my teeth since this morning - its now 9pm..... I'll get around to it before I go to bed lol). However, I'd like to add that on some rare occassions, for no reason (that I can tell), I will get a white-ish looking area right in the middle of my tounge... like its only pink around the edges, but it seems like that happens more so if I have a cold or something else along those lines. H
  7. i'm not going to waste time searching for it because i already know the answer. name one other person who said that cetaphil caused break-outs.
  8. I wished mineral foundations worked better for me, but they never give me enough coverage. I do find, however, that when I apply moisturizer (and when my face is still moist from it), the minerals go on so much better and give much better coverage. (thats EM with a kabuki fyi)
  9. Thanks. Where do you get it from?
  10. Thanks for the tips! I tried to find some Jojoba today, but I think I may have to order it online. Is there a particular brand? Or should I just make sure its 100% organic or something like that? I'm also a glutton for punishment - I also bought the AHA 10% cream, but I think I'll just apply it to the middle area of my cheeks and chin (where my acne hyperpigmentation marks are). Plus, my drier areas around really around my nose, mouth and eyes so hopefully my cheeks don't freak out too much.
  11. Mine is the Olay Total Effects eye cream (and have heard great things about the new Definity line eye cream, but that one is $30). I use it once in the morning and once in the evening. Also, a HUGE tip that helped me (which I believe a few others have already mentioned) is washing your hands before you apply the eye cream, ESPECIALLY if you've had bp on your hands recently. It took about 4-7 days for my dryness and temporary wrinkles to go away completely, but I started noticing a difference wit
  12. the olay eye cream sounds great! do you know the specific name of it? i'd love to pick some up after work
  13. I've been using the Dermablend concealer in the little pot and apply it with a lip brush (or even a q-tip would probably work). It covers beautifully and seriously lasts all day. It hasn't broken me out, but I put it ONLY directly on pimples and/or the red marks left over from pimples. And this little pot I have is about 3 years old (gross, huh?), but I still have over half left and it doesn't have a weird odor or anything. Might buy a new one though just so its a bit "fresher". Oh, and I would
  14. Thanks Wynne If I apply the vaseline right after washing, would the moisturizer be able to penetrate to my skin? Also, I noticed that the eye wrinkles get worse as teh day progresses.... is that normal? I tried to drink extra water today too to help hydrate from the inside out.