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  1. sarahjaykayy

    Day 4

    So today my skin is still red, mainly on my chin though. It's now started peeling just like sunburn would 0.o I went to a pharmacy to ask advice on what to do because this i can't cover with makeup anymore due to the peeling. (I was told it would be best not to put anything on it other than a gentle moisturizer) I added a photo i apologise for the poor quality. The photo doesn't grasp how bad it is haha. I really hope that nobody else has this reaction as in my experience it has only mad
  2. sarahjaykayy

    Day 3

    Today i woke up with some discomfort and when i looked in the mirror i had noticed a lot of redness/irritation around my mouth, chin and a bit on my cheeks. Usually i would cleanse my skin morning and night but this morning i tried to use my cleanser (i have never had an issue with it) and to my horror it made my skin feel like it was burning! I washed it off with cool water and let it dry. Now i am having some intense peeling in the areas that were red and irritated. I made an appointment
  3. sarahjaykayy

    Day 2

    I hardly expected to see any changes yet here we are! I have been taking the akamin antibiotics in the morning and at night i use the epiduo. This morning i have noticed small pimples coming up with white heads. I am hoping this is just the treatment bringing out the acne - my gp did say the acne may become worse before it gets better. I clean my face with a cleanser and a scrub in the morning and night and i used a tea tree toner afterwards. I have noticed the toner helps reduce rednes
  4. Hello everyone, hope you are well! I think we can all agree that acne sucks, right? It can cause you to feel self conscious, suffer with anxiety and cause long term self image issues - Along with many other feelings. I decided to make this blog because i have just started medication to try clear up my skin. ***disclaimer*** I understand that different things work for different people/different skin types and not all products with effect an individual in the same way, this is what has