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  1. Although BFG9000 doensn't mean it in a bad way, you should never listen to what somebody on the internet is saying, at least not when it comes to medical stuff. Just listen to what your doctor is saying. And yeah...it can take up to 3 or 4 months untill you'll see some real progression. Or when you're lucky you'll notice it after a month or 2 months
  2. Hehe, I recognize this. Last week I had to pick up my new glasses (due to my accutane course I can't wear my contacts). When I was doing my hair @ home and looked in the mirror, everything was 'fine'. When I was in the store this employee held a little mirror in front of me when I put on my glasses and I was like 'fuckkkkk what the hell my face....'.
  3. I agree. Not that the TS is doing this, but still :) Furthermore, i think it's just a girl thing. Almost all girls I know buy tons of facial products :)
  4. Wow..heavy story there Eryca... Personally I can't relate to this subject, never had any suicide thoughts. But I do think it's a good thing that you posted your story for other people. @ Effendi: what is triggering your suicide thoughts? Why do you feel miserable?
  5. Oh other great sportstars are Muay Thai & MMA fighters. Such high pain tolerance...damn!
  6. Oke, the text below is my own thought about accutane. You should always decide for yourself if you want to take this med. I also don't know how severe your acne is, but if you socially suffer because of your acne and you've already tried EVERY other possible solution (accutane is a last resort medicin), then you should really seriously consider an accutane course. I can see that the side effect that you fear most is depression. I don't know the exact statistics, but I think it's only a small p
  7. Hehe, I was waiting for the first girl to make the comment that Beckham is hot Well, me being a male I can't judge about that, but he's a very skilled player. He's playing for LA Galaxy right now, hoping to give football a boost and bring it to a higher level in America. I really do hope it's going to work Owyeah, a friend of mine and me think that football (soccer) is considered more as a girls sport in America, is this correct?
  8. The most popular sport here in Holland/Europe is football (as in soccer, but I'll be calling it football, because that's the correct name ). And hmmm well, there are many football stars (Beckham, Ronaldinho etc etc).
  9. I was actually just watching Family Guy ;)

  10. i like your avatar lol :D

  11. Wow, thank you for posting this! Really gets me motivated to finish my accutane course
  12. Hehe, i'm also on my 4th day of accutane today (will start my own log soon) Good luck!