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  1. how ironic... I have just noticed a white head is starting to appear in that area which hasn't seen spots for 3 weeks.. I apply BP 3-4 times a day aswell!!!!
  2. Thing is for example, to one side of my mouth I used to get a few pimples re-appearing in a small aread. I have been using BP on that area for months and in the last few weeks they have dissapeared, only leaving small red marks, HOWVER if i rub my finger over it, it is still tender and I can feel smaall spots under the skin. Considering I have been using BP for months you would expect it to have completely cleared it, but it seems to only clear the "cosmetic part" over the skin.. i recon if i
  3. I dont get acen all over my face,, instead I have particular areas on my face which are prone to pimples on whiteheads. From what I have read about BP, it dries the top layer of skin which eventually leads to the pimple falling off... What I have noticed is this is EXACTLY the case, however it doesnt seem to remove the ROOT cause of the acne.. i.e bacteria deep beneath the skin.. so it seems ot be a looping routine with me... the pimple dries out, my face gets clear for a week but after that i
  4. I am using BP on the side of my lip where I have a few spots.. there are only a few, although ther area around is red in general.. should I put the BP on the individual spots or is it okay to put it on the whole region (I just dont want the BP to keep the area red.. as the redness is noitcable?)
  5. Its both sides of my lips.. small areas that get whiteheads.. its like a loop.. get them, they go, area goes red.. 2 weeks later wake up and a spot starts appearing, turns into a whitehead etc.. it is always red!
  6. I kepe getting a whitehead in the same area, and I apply BP to it which dry's it out but I am always left with a dry red mark, the same size as the whitehead was but its flush with the skin.. it looks like a spot but its just a large red mark and it stays there for weeks.. Is there a particular product I can use to make this red mark dissapear?
  7. I may just start using water and see what happens..
  8. I am a very mild acne sufferer; I just get the odd whitehead and few bits of acne around mymouth and have never had it anywhere else. I have followed the regime, and it has helped the acne around my mouth, (as that is the only place I have put BP and Moisturiser), however I use Oil-Free Acne facial wash daily all over my face and I noticed I have started getitng spots all over and I am very worried its facial wash doing this.. (and I have tried different washes). Is this possible?
  9. I keep having a breakout of a particular pimple in the same spot and its annoying. It broke out yesterday but I need it gone or at least a huge decrease in its redness. I applied BP yesterday a good 3-4 times onto the pimple, and pierced it when it became a whitehead. It is now a dry sore VERY red spot... It looks aweful and I need to reduce the redness in the next few hrs.. I have enclosed a photo below.
  10. Both sides are a little sore when I touch though.. does that mean anything?
  11. So if you dont have much acne like me (just some spots left and right of my lips) whats the best product. I have been ujsing BP on them for about 7 weeks. The original whiteheads around there hvae gone, but a swollen red pimple has come up today and its quite sore (I put BP on twice a day). I still have bumps there and the area is red
  12. Thanks for the replies.... Thing is the regimen says use LOTS of BP.. Its annoying because i dont have spots anywhere else, just there (either side of my lips) I have bene using Eucerin Moisturiser, but also have Sudo Crem and Nivea Young
  13. Hi, attatched some pics below. As you can see there are some spots there, but I have been applying BP to them for 8 weeks now and they havent gone.. ithe area is red on both sides.
  14. Hey, was hoping if anyone thinks I should stop using BP for the next week or so and see if it clears up itself?