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  1. Skin is recovering moisture because I was just spot treating this weekend. Starting taking fiber pills Saturday. Saturday night my face erupted. Sigh.
  2. I decided the same thing last night! I can't handle the dryness and my face hurting. I feel bad because I'm 2 days shy of 1 month but I will be trying a different approach similar to proactiv which worked for years for me.
  3. I'm on birth control and Dan's Regime, and I wear make up for I hear ya on those concerns I take my BCP at night so I will be doing the fiber in the mornings so my pill has all night to absorb. I don't know if it matters but whatever, makes sense. I wear Every Day minerals makeup because I hear it's good for your skin. I honestly don't see a difference from my Neautragena Healthy Skin foundation or my Mark Kay foundation but whatever. Make up is a major must for me. And I think tonight is
  4. Day 29 Well shit looks bad. In 3 days it will be a month. My face has been hurting all day. I'm ready to give up. Fuck this.
  5. Thanks for your sincerity, suitefox, all of that was just what I was hoping to hear. I'm so ready to try this
  6. Wow I'm really interested in this. I don't really have cysts, just a lot of pustules. It will be 1 month on the DKR on the 11th. I feel like my skin has been purging this entire time and I'm just now seeing slight hints of improvement on DKR. My big complaint is that my skin burns all the time, even wearing the hood on my hoodie up is too much. I also have a party in 1.5 weeks that I wanted to look nice for.... So my question is, does anyone know how the transition from DKR to this might be
  7. Day 27 I think my right side is improving. Left side and forehead still suck. I slept on my back last night rather than cheek to pillow and didn't wake up with any huge ones, just same ones I had before going to bed so I'll continue to try and do that. I still never let myself sleep on the same part of the pillow twice but I guess my skin can't breathe smashed up on a pillow. My current probs haven't gotten bigger thru the day either from what I can tell. Blah.
  8. Day 25 Still no change. Huge pustules are sooo embarrassing! I can cover the redness of them all but not the huge mounds on my face. I think at the end of this week, I'll bump up to a full finger because right now I'm using a like 2/3ish. I usually go back for a pea size more if I need it and I'm using a lot of my AHA moisturizer and have been doing well. I also use some Cetaphil at night but I'm afraid it's too greasy or maybe sleeping on my cheek is bad, but it's usually after I wake up that I
  9. Day 23 Feeling extremely depressed. My skin is worse than ever. I didn't do BP last night because of the intense dryness and this morning I'm back down to half a finger. I was thinking about what state my skin will be in if I can even get rid of the acne. How can my skin recover from such trauma? Already my pores are huge and gaping, some with visible blood trapped black underneath. It's disgusting. All I want to do is cry. Starting Yaz the birth control on Sunday. That'll be 4 months before it
  10. Day 21 Well I think today is the 3rd week mark. Get to celebrate with ugly pics of the latest breakout and dry skin. Interesting tidbits: I found out yesterday the beautiful boy I have/had a crush on, whose clear complexion makes me feel shitty.....spent 13 weeks on Accutane!! What a crazy coincidence. Makes me feel a bit better
  11. Day 20 I've given up jojoba oil completely and am now using Neutragena Healthy Skin face lotion with SPF 15. It has AHA which exfoliates the flakiness. I used it last night for the first time on just half my face. There was was stinging after but when they faded it felt smooth and clean. I used the normal Oil-free on the other side and that actually didn't burn at first but later on it startd and kept on burning. That side of my face was a lot flakier too. This morning I applied it all over and
  12. I feel the need to say what a great intro post that was. Best of luck!!
  13. I'm wondering the same thing. Right now I'm using the Purpose liquid cleanser and it's super gentle and lathers well, but it doesn't completely wash my mineral makeup off at all. I used a toner tonight right after, just to see, and the cotton ball wiped off so much foundation.
  14. I've been on it since Oct 11 and I recently started the full finger like yesterday. It does keep you really dry and the jojoba oil helps but it's not a miracle worker. I'm suspecting it even might be breaking me out a little because I'd often spot treat the driest parts of my face [temples, chin, upper neck] where I was clear, just dry. Today I broke out a little in each spot. So I'm stopping but I got the Neautragena Healthy Skin with AHA yesterday. Do you have a log where you might post how t
  15. Day 18 Time to try and be positive! Skin is looking a little better today, but it still tender. I used a full finger in the morning for the first time. I think I'm handling it alright. I also decided to try a little experiment with the jojoba oil by not using it on my forehead for now. I don't want to think it's giving me problems but if my forehead starts clearing up soon and the rest doesn't, I'm going to have to give it up. I'm pretty sure the blackness is blood trapped under my skin. Nothing