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  1. if you look around the net you will discover acnexus is actually a hoax,a scam. I too fell for it. Unfortunately about 2 days AFTER i ordered it.
  2. So I assume after that two weeks you got clear the red marks were still there.
  3. Statistics show 1 out of 5 ppl get slightly worse in the beginning, and 1 out of every 100 people get severely worse.
  4. hmm, everyone is saying it's atleast 4 months. That gets me worried because my doctor only said 3 - 4 months for me.
  5. Hi, well I jsut went on Accutane and I was wondering. Does Accutane leave lighter red marks when it gets rid of a pimple, or jsut an ordinary red mark like you would usually get? Because when I look at before and after pictures of accutane courses, it seems like a lot of ppls faces go from severe, to clear, with barely visible red marks. Also, does accutane do ntohing for red marks that were already there? I ask this because even if my acne goes away, my face will still be swarmed with red marks
  6. It's differnet in my case. My Doc told me I would go on it for 12 - 16 weeks, and even after I stop taking the medicine it will still have the effects.
  7. That must suck. I don't even know if my family has health insurance lol :\
  8. hey, I also get acne all around my mouth. I was once prescribed Erythomycin aswell, it is a topical antibiotic from what I know; so it will work to kill the bacteria. Don't worry about it, mine is worse then yours (not an exagheration) but I still try to enjoy life and not let it get in my way. Usually for moderate and severe acne the doctors will prescribe Accutane after a few topicals or antibiotics fail. That was my case. Good luck and be optimistic
  9. oh really. Well thats good to hear, hopefully it will be the same for me thanks
  10. Well I got prescribed Accutane today I am really excited and I''m hoping it will work. Though I heard you need to take blood tests every month, and that they are pricey. So how much are each blood test aproximately? I don't like costing my parents so much money, especially because accutane is so expensive to start with. reply please! thanks, j
  11. Regualr family physicians can prescribe you any med, even accutane. Just a dermatologist will in chance be more helpful. Oddly, my doctor said it is useless for me to see a dermatologist, as my acne is more a hormnoe problem then a skin problem.
  12. ahh same here. Though I breakout all around my mouth aswell. Theres not much spots left there, but its ALL red marks which make it look like i got terrible acne. My doctor said mine was caused by hormones, so I guess this could be a possible reason for yours?
  13. Wow. Everyone is saying they onyl have like 2 or 3 active pimples. Are you guys counting every single little one? If I count every one...I probalby have around 7 - 13, but also with that I got redmarks, and on top of that it is ALL around the mouth, which makes it soo much worse.
  14. my regular family physicial gave me the prescription aswell, stating that a derm is useless in my case because I am prone to acne for my hormone levels.
  15. Winter has hit, and my skin is getting more dry then usual lately. I really need a mositurizer to fix this. I never used moisturizer in the past because My skin was never very dry, and also theres probably not a single product out there that doesn't contain a pore clogging ingredient. My skin breaks out immediately to anything, and the only thing that hs not broken me out is lemon juice as a toner. (not including cleansers because they rinse off after 20 seconds so they dont clog my pores) So d
  16. Well one positive i can infer right away is that fibre pills will definately make you go poo a lot mroe often; and by pooing your body releases bad chemicals and toxins from your body. Pooing is good for you, so why not try?
  17. your acne is only mild- moderate. Just use a gentle cleanser and continue use with your differin and skinoren. If that doesn't work, your doctor will most likely prescribe you an oral pill; whether that be a antibiotic, or contraceptive. Also read around the forums and look for something that might interest you. Though obviously try sticking to one regimen, and not changing it with different products all the time. It takes patience.
  18. st .ives medicated scrub is a really well rated product, but a lot claim that it is too harsh. I have prone acne but I don't get irratated by it or anything. Though if you have sensitive skin, or jsut medium skin, u should try scrubbing really softly at first and experiment.
  19. I used this for the lnogest time, probably several months as an everyday cleanser back in teh days. It was the onyl thing that actually controlled my acne to an extent. In jsut very few days a normal papule would crust over and jsut scab off. I quit using that to try the sa/bp regime, which is working even better. though for the people that want to try it on their face, definately go for it. Make sure to get the classic clean one, as msot of the other ones have conditioner in it.
  20. Haven't seen one positive remark.... you may think his idea a stupid one, but it's his beliefs he wishes to express...isn't that what forums are about? He's done nothing wrong and you guys come and bash his idea like that. If you don't have any thing decent to say just don't post in his thread then. and to the psot creator...good job on finding something that works for you
  21. not from what i've heard. When you are in the shower, or when you wash your face, your acne and red marks will always appear redder temporarily. this subdues quickly though.