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  1. Hey everyone. So I now decided to finally make a log of my before and after pics (I was mainly waiting to see if my skin really was better or if it was just a phase). Attached I have a before and after pics of my skin, arround 1/2 years appart. It was a hard journey but you can never give up on it. Before the two pictures I tried a lot of stuff from antibiotics to accutane. Nothing worked. So I took the issue on my own hands: I changed my diet, mainly through elimination diets. Tried
  2. Hey everyone, So, after 5 years dealing with acne, a lot of antibiotics, accutane and a bunch of other topical treatments, my acne is now under control through a diet that works for me. Although, I have no regime at all, I find that my face gets a lot better with the caveman regimen (which is doing nothing at all, the most I do is let water touch my face in the shower). So, now I have a problem, because of all the medications and topical treatments, now I have a seborrheic dermatitis on my f
  3. Thats awesome to hear! I also have those problems. I can stay away from caffeine easily but alcohol... not so much. I sometimes have a drink when going out but I always try to choose one that follows my diet (no beer or sweet things, mainly vodka, gin or wine). I can understand your struggle with cheese. I am, myself, a big cheese lover too but I always try to think "Is it worth it?" before taking a bite. ahah For the cravings, I try to choose foods with a low-glycemic index or load. I was abl
  4. For me, usually what breaks me out is fruits with high glycemic index. Choose fruits that won't give you an insulin spike and you might have found your solution.
  5. I can't believe I'm finally writting this, and I'm mainly doing it in the hope to help someone in their fight against acne. Durring my teenage years I had some pimples here and there but never nothing too bad and, for that reason, I was one of the happy lucky people who could say I was clear during my adolescence... Until I was 18. At 18 I started to get some very light, mild acne arround my forehead and my chin, nothing major. But has time went by it all got very bad. When I was 21 my face go