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  1. I came on this forum about a year ago complaining about the scar on my on my nose....well i still hate it. Its been year now or 2 and it still effects me tell this day....wtf why the hell did i remove a mole on my nose which was little compare too this punch biopsy scar. I really dont know how to deal with this. i tryed ignoring it but i still look at the reflection everywhere i go. i hate this stupid crater on my nose. I tryed playing the waiting game hoping it will heal and flatten but it s
  2. right on the top of my nose in the middle...really deep and really sucks....yah the world does need cures lol.
  3. still cant stop thinking about it. i see so many people with bigger moles than me and than i start comparing myself to others. plus i have this person at my work with a mole on her nose and its like a slap in the face. I feel so dumb and embarrassed for even bothering with my mole, especially a cosmetic surgerie thats leading to more surgeries like scar treatment. or i wish at least my derm did a better job...he was really bad and i see bad reviews on yelp. god i wish i could just wake up happy
  4. yah true that thank you. those are very good options and i have been saving money. i try so hard to be patient and forget the fact i have a huge scar on my nose. but when u look into a mirror your self esteem shoots down so quick. its a bummer... plus havent had a date for so long i feel like i lost my touch with reality and socializing.
  5. healed but real shiney and deep. sometimes i wonder wat was i thinking of taking my mole off.
  6. oh yah plus is Silicone microdroplets legal in CA??
  7. *bump* yah iv been saving money lately n considering doing laser resurfacing. or u guys think thats not a good treatment plan for scar on my nose. Because i heard microdrops and create a bump on the nose if it goes wrong n its permit. god i hate this scar -_-
  8. this been bugging me for the past 7 months regretting removing my mole on my nose. it was a hate love thing but now its to late and i took it off. and left a huge scar bigger than the mole.which is a ugly rigged deep scar thats been on my nose and bugs me 20x more than the mole on my nose. god i dont know what to do at all and i know scar treatments are bullshit n i feel like if i try to do anything it wont help cause scars are for life!! fuck my nose
  9. I think its awsome hearing from a patient from london thats going under stem cell scar treatment but hows this even possible? I hear about stem cell programs and research centers and all but how do we even find a derm that would work with stem cell in usa? or we just dont have that treatment available yet> ? well by the looks of your log it looks like they did a awsome job on the scar treatment.
  10. awsome, if u can take pic that be great. but yah i was wondering would i be able to take some action soon as possible or is it better to wait and let it heal. because my parents want me to wait over the summer but i want to fix this scar soon as possible. its real embarrassing to have -_-
  11. yah i have scarring on my cheek to i wanted to work on but i think imma just leave that alone for now and focus on my nose...sometimes i wish i would of just left the mole there so i wouldnt have to be going crazy and looking for so many procedures to fix my scar. but this does help me alot and i was looking into at home syringe filler http://www.acne.org/messageboard/Injecting...lli-t66214.html
  12. Awsome glad to hear that theres hope! lol How much was the procedure?? Thank You that helps so much more, ima look into silikon micro injection.
  13. Hang in there it takes like 3 to 4 months to start improving and first months are hell. When i started accutane i broke out worst i ever had but after i was done with the regimen. i never had acne break outs again. its been 2 years and i get pimples here and there but alot better than before.
  14. heres a pic http://www.acne.org/messageboard/index.php...i&img=39615 Is it possible to fix this scar or is it impossible and i shouldnt bother....i really hate looking at this thing
  15. Hey guys im back i came here 3 years back when i had bad acne and type a journal when i was on accutane(which worked great highly recommend it) But now im back with a worst issue.....SCAR! I had a mole on my nose which i use to love and thought it was unique but i went to a dermatologist and told me it has a slight possible chance of turning cancerous and told me i should remove it. Well i agree and he remove it but didnt think he would use punch biopsy procedure and now have a huge scar on my