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  1. Hi everyone, I have been an acne sufferer for a long time; as long as I can remember. I am a 23 year old male, and I have Celtic & Nordic background so I am pale and blonde. I have always had redness in my face but lately it has been getting worse. I figured I would try out finacea to help combat my acne and help with the redness I was experiencing (especially around my cheeks). So I started using finacea with no problems. Around the same time I went on the 3 day cleanse with apples and wa
  2. Hi everyone, I am just needing some advice on a recent TCA peel I did on Tuesday. I did a 25% TCA peel solution, and it's now Friday. I have been putting healing serums on everyday as well as polysporin to avoid infection. Anyway, my skin didn't react that badly - it obviously hurt a lot when I put it on, I only put the solution on for around 2-3 minutes, and my face was red afterwards. Now it's slightly red but not peeling yet. I am wondering what I should do...should I put another round of the
  3. Hi everyone - I just have a quick question. I am planning on doing a 25% TCA Peel tomorrow but I have a few questions about shaving. You are advised not to shave the day of doing the peel. However, can you shave after you have done the peel (maybe not the same day but the day after?) I don't think I could go a week or more without shaving! Thanks!
  4. Hey everyone, I recently discovered that I suffer from psoriasis on my scalp. I was just wondering if anyone could provide me with some over the counter products to use to battle this. Is anyone else suffering from this as well? What do you recommend? Thanks!
  5. I know this isn't related to the Acne.org regimine but I had a question. I have used Clinique's 3-step system before and I liked the quality of the materials. They recently came out with the 3-Step Acne Solutions. Has anyone ever used 3-step (either one)? What were your opinions about it? My face has cleared and all I have left is a bit of red marks from scarring but I am thinking of going back to the 3-step (or just incorporating the clarifying lotion).
  6. I have had these weird marks on my shoulder and a bit on my chest - but mostly my upper upper body. One is on my shoulder blade and the other is on the bone that connects your two shoulder blades. Anyway, they weren't going away for a long time (perhaps a year) and so I went to the doctor who perscribed me with fucidin cream thinking that it's follicilitus. Anyway, I have been using the creams for weeks and nothing is really working... I apply the cream 4 times daily but I am not really seeing a
  7. I have been using DK cleanser for about a month and a half and I am contemplating whether I should switch to another cleanser that is anti-bacterial. I used my Clinique anti-bacterial cleanser last night and my face looked good this morning (no redness and a nicer looking complexion). I remember that before DK's regime I was using Clinique's 3-Step Acne Line and my skin was doing all right with it. I don't want to entirely switch back but I was contemplating adding the cleanser in. I am not on
  8. Hi - I just had a quick question. I have heard that putting BP + Salicylic Acid together works best. I was just wondering if anyone has had experiences with this (and if it's true). Also, what order do you put them on? The BP followed by the SA? Do you have to wait in between first before putting the other on? Thanks!
  9. They are definitely bigger than normal breakouts. Actually, the doctor thinks it is folliculitis and gave me a perscription for it. It hasn't done much at all...has it worked for you? It might be the same thing then because I thought it was acne too... looks get similar to it but the marks are bigger and harder. I was perscribed fucidin ointment.
  10. Hey everyone, I have had marks on my chest for awhile now (almost a year) and I figured they would eventually go away but they did not. I went to the doctor because I thought they were cysts and wanted them removed. The doctor said that they might be *some medical term* caused my shaving; however, some of them are where I don't even shave (I have one on my collar bone, for example). She gave me medication to apply 4 times daily. It doesn't seem to be doing anything... I was wondering if anyone
  11. Hey, I was just perscribed Clindoxyl Gel from the doctor. I have been on the regime for about a month and I had mild acne (which is basically cleared, all that is left is red marks and I get the occasional blemish). Has anyone had any experience with Clindoxyl Gel? What are your thoughts?
  12. Hi everyone, I just purchased the Serious Skin Care Glycolic Cleanser. Does anyone know of this item - how have it themselves or something similar? I have heard good things about it. I am trying to get rid of the red spots on my face, will this help? Apparently it's effective for deep cleaning. What are your thoughts? Please share.
  13. Hi everyone, I was just wondering if anyone had any advice - or recommended products to use with the regime - that can battle face redness. My face tends to get red at times (it eventually goes away). I know it's not rosacea, and it's not too bad, it's just annoying. Is there anything I can do to combat this? I was told that sometimes it's caused by blood vessels being too close to the service; however, the redness comes and goes. Some days my face will be a bit red, other times it won't be. I
  14. Hi everyone! I have been on the regimen for about 5 weeks and have seen some results. My skin wasn't too too bad to begin with and I have seen some results. I still get an occassional pimple that has a shorter shelf life than it usually would in the past. Also, acne marks still linger. Anyway, I wanted to add to my regimine a glycolic mask and eventually a glycolic cleanser. Do you think that would be a good idea -or if it would be okay? Also, does anyone know of a good glycolic toner availab
  15. I have been reading a lot about the baby brush method. What is this? Does it have something to do with clearing up red marks (acne scars?)