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  1. im hoping for you too blackbirdbeatle.. hope for the rest of us wont you.
  2. i was wondering who here has or even knows of any friends etc who has outgrown there acne simply by getting older and finally reaching a point of no return? if so could you post of the age they did so and for how long they had it for??? many thanks...
  3. who here is lucky enough to be able to grow a beard and cover up their acne? Im not that fortunate but i know for sure that if i had a proper face of hair id grow a fuckin McCartney beard!!!
  4. hey chaps n chiks. i was reading alot about how effective garlic is for acne and have decided to start taking it. however i dont want to eat the garlic itself cos of the obvious odour so am considering taking odourless garlic tablets. Have any of you had any experience with this at all, what does everybody recommend... im unsure what to do. Any assistance much appreciated.
  5. mercer, im presuming that photograph beside your name is really you...? Anyway just have to say that you are IMMENSELY pretty. Just so beautiful. (excuse the bad spelling).
  6. A relative of mine has been diagnosed recently with cancer and he has done all the steps up to the point where hes now in remisson. I am yet to se him since he was diagnosed however my mother saw him last nite and said that as a result of one of the treatments he has amazingly clear skin now, REALY CLEAN AND FRESH apparently.?! Iwas wondering if any of you knew what the treatment was that did this (not that I wanna do it) just that i am totally drawn in with interest into the casues of it......
  7. I do not believe that in todays day and age with all the scientific knowledge and expertise in the world, that there is STILL NO CURE for a silly skin disorder like acne! I genuinly feel that their is one out there, there must be! I have an inkling that their is one known right now but we're just not being let onto it. With all the money and expertise being pushed into medical research how on earth is their still no cure?! Is it really that difficult to find out?
  8. Does anyone know if flaxseed oil is really benefitial to acne. Im considering using it but would like some opinions before i go ahead and spend money on it. Any opinions?...
  9. so i was wondering after having read alot of about it, if any of you have had any positive results from garlic?
  10. I have been reading recently alot of positive things about Green Tea and how it helps eliminate acne, so i was wondering if any of you guys/gals have had any experiences with this?
  11. I noticed there is a site claiming to have the miracle cure for the acne diet. I read also on a message board somewhere that the diet consists of eating apples, drinking water, taking enemas for three days. Does anybody have any experiences with this diet?