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  1. for me vegtable/fruit juicing a few days straight realllly helps my skin.. but does anyone know how to do a quick cleanse without losing bodyfat or if any very little..
  2. well I know that juice fasting and cleansing really improves my acne and almost cures my pimples but i want to keep my weight up.. how can i detox without losing like 2 or more pounds of bodyfat..
  3. I have mild persistent inflammatory acne.. After a detox diet of fruits and veggies my skin clears dramatically. Its a cure for me but as of now and for the past 4 months I haven't been eating like that because im on a bulking diet to gain muscle mass and its working.. But when i get 2 an ideal weight i might go on a more alkaline diet and detox.
  4. yes and some raw organic nuts and seeds and my skin cleared totally in 4 days and i had no more inflammation.. Man if i could eat this way and build muscle I would but I dont know if its feasible..
  5. well over these past years ive tried alot of products like most of you, every kind of face wash you could imagine some helped but it only masks the root problem.. Now as im trying to gain size (muscle mass) im eating large amounts of food and so i get small frequent breakouts and its not surprising that I do.. The food I eat now is generally pretty healthy food lots of veggies and fruit but also high in protein like free range meats and other carb sources like brown rice, potatoe, beans, lentil
  6. so how do you stay clear and build muscle...
  7. wow i personally would deff try the paleo way of eating to clear my acne while im trying to gain muscle. I will just up my egg intake and eat a good amount of seeds,nuts, and oils,
  8. go on a 3 day water fast and i gaurantee you clear skin on the 4thday. If you want to take control of your health and you have self discipline you can do it.. Its also safe for your body..
  9. Well Im trying to gain muscle as I go to the gym 3 days a week.. I eat a good amount of food to try and help my muscles grow and i eat healthy foods. The thing is i still deal with mild acne and i noticed when i detox for 3 days when i just eat fruits and veggies for 3 or 4 days straight my skin clears dramatically.. so im trying to gain muscle and stay clear. and i know i couldn't do that just by eating fruits and veggies.. im kinda frustrated..
  10. well I try to eat as healthy as I can i have no gluten,proccesed food, or pastuerized dairy.. Im naturally muscular and I weight 137.. im 17 years old and my height is 5"7 im trying to get to a weight of 150 and maintain that weight.. but its hard to eat healthy and build muscle while trying to keep a clear face.. I know fasting helps my acne so much it even clears me totally when i detox for 3 days or so.. Im trying to find a way to stay clear while im bulking up..
  11. for the past few months I bulked up and gained about 7 pounds for the first few weeks i stayed cleared eating higher amounts of all healthy foods. After that first 2 weeks or so.. i broke out a little bit and i got discouraged but I stuck with it.. I stopped 2 days ago and i been doing a detox diet to give my body a break but im starting again friday... I eat all healthy foods but just bigger portions but I want to know If i can stay clear while working out and trying to build muscle mass. Has
  12. Ryudoadema good point.. Ryudoadema can you give your main tips to preventing acne then? what you feel is the major causes..
  13. well I do think acne and diet are much related but i feel its more so certain foods you eat can make inflammation worse in your body.. But I feel clogged pores are the main cause of acne..This would make sense why people eat like shit and flood there body with Sugars and processed carbs and eat crap but keep a overall clear face.. maybe these people dont have clogged proes and there skin naturally does its job..exfoliation i feel is very vital in preventing acne.. Im think lately that clogges po