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  1. So, I'm pregnant (YAY!), and my midwife said I need to be drinking a gallon of water a day. I only ever drank water before anyway, but I drank probably 1 quart a day, MAYBE 2, so not very much. Would suddenly drinking a gallon every day make your skin "purge"? I've only read like 2-3 articles that confirm it and I'm just wondering. It's not terrible, it's just tiny bumps that fade in like 1-2 days, so it's weird, but kind of annoying. Just curious if anyone has any insights. Thanks!
  2. Well the information isn't bunk though. He's just combining info that's everywhere and doing it in an order that he thinks works best. I didn't do the liver one 'cause it creeped me out after reading about it. Just seemed like an intense thing to do on your own. If I did I'd get help from a doctor or nutritionist. Just did the diet. The cleanses kinda scared me at the time lol I think I'll try em though eventually
  3. Hey Everyone! Just wanted to make a post about Light therapy (blue/red light) So around August, out of nowhere, I started breaking out REALLY bad after a very long time with controlled skin. I just kept doing what I was doing and thought it would pass. Well, it didn't. It was super aggressive and there was just more and more every day, and in places it'd never been. When I DO break out, it's generally around the nose and lower chin, but this was EVERYWHERE. So I got desperate and went online
  4. The Effendi



    Price! So gentle Zero side effects None that I see yet! I love this device! I got in on Amazon for only $75, so considering getting treated at the derm or even lots of other light therapy devices, it was a total steal. I started out just using the blue light and I could tell bumps weren't getting as big as usual, so that was nice. Then after a week I started using red light before the blue, and within about three days everything inflamed or active WAS. GONE. I'm not saying that will happen for
  5. I honestly couldn't afford some of the more complicated stuff and since I believe he's from the uk I couldn't find other things in the US, but it worked pretty well. Inflammatory acne calms down really fast, so that was great. Did nothing for clogging, whiteheads and blackheads though. You just gotta know your body to pick and choose what you'll need and see how well it works
  6. It's just a book of holistic treatments only he combines it in a way that's organized for you to follow. There's tons of colon, liver, and gallbladder flushes; fasting; natural skin care etc. It's extremely difficult is all I can say, as I've done it. It's sort of a raw, vegetarian type diet, but with no grains. It's rough
  7. Same here. I never had the reaction that was described as an allergy, so I thought it was ok. But my skin would always look flushed or almost lightly burned. It was awful. To the point my doctor thought I had rosacea ( I don't!!). It's not for everyone. Tea tree is my substitute now and it's a huge improvement. Good luck!!
  8. Bummer. Now you know I guess. Milk hates human skin. Also tea trea oil and Dan's AHA fade marks and scabs really quickly. Like 2-3 days quickly when combined
  9. For me the difference came when I stopped trying to dry my skin out. The more you dry it the more it will pump out oil like there's no tomorrow. I was gentle and kept it hydrated, drank lots of water, and took a break from makeup for a little to let my skin "breathe", so to speak. Total turn around. Love my skin now. And now whenever I do wear makeup it lays on nicely and evenly and STAYS that way. And oil blotting sheets are awesomeness too; I have clean&clear's and Paula's Choice ones for
  10. Tea tree oil, about $5-7 depending on sales( lasts about 4 months) Aloe Vera gel $7 ( about 7-8 months) Neutrogena moisturizer $9.50 (8-9 months) Dan's AHA ... Like $18? I don't even know cus it lasts forever lol!! Tea tree oil soap $5 (7-8 months) Paula's Choice BHA $16 I think (about 6 months, and she ALWAYS has sales so you can stock up!) For makeup I do: Eye-liner $.99 ... Woo! Mascara $7 Blistex deep renewal chapstick $1.50 Gloss, like $2 Eye shadow, like $4 I don't splurge on
  11. I like Neutrogena for Combination skin. Its a perfect balance for my dry and oily areas and every time I try to change, I go back. It's really light and not oily so it feels great. There's no SPF in it but personally I don't mind, but just an FYI
  12. Probably because you used to it's still on your mind. It's a hard thing to get over. Being scared to look at your face and then trying to "catch" anything before it starts or gets worse. It will probably fade over time, but it will help to get Cognitive Behavioral Therapy or something similar
  13. Paula's Choice all the way. Great products and great customer service if there's something you're not satisfied with
  14. Had NO life as a teenager. Did nothing, hung out with no one and watched opportunities pass me by. Luckily that's a super short chunk of your life and there's a whole ton of awesome waiting for you if you go out and get it. You'll get through. Being in your 20's is way more fun anyway
  15. I was breast-fed until I was about 2. My parents were kinda hippy lol We lived out in the country, I was born at home, we ate organic and pretty much from our own stuff we grew ... Even though breastfeeding is good for developing your immune system and fighting infection, acne is different. It becomes an infection over time but is not started that way. I would think it wouldn't make a huge difference