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  1. sorry those pix r too big to upload . is there any other way to upload them ? they r taken by 2 mp mobile-camera.
  2. hye people do any of u have used hri clear complexion tablets,.they r herbal tablets n contain burdock roor ,sarsaprilla n blue flag. i have consumed a whole bottle of these tablets but there isnt any noticeable difference. does it take a longer time to produce an action or its just not da one 4 me .? i have got hormonal acne n i take it twice a day. please help me out wid this n also tell me in wat way do these ingredients cure acne(moderate acne) ?
  3. Its better to wash your face twice a day. Washing your face more than that can actually aggrevate acne and make it worse. You may want to try using Dans cleanser www.danielkern.com. You get a lot for your money also. Ive used that Neutrogena Acne Wash and I did not like it at all. In fact, most people here have had problems with it. In terms of moisturizing, maybe do it once a day. Oh and if you decide to try Dans regimen, dont use the moisturizer if you have had an allergic reaction with jojoba
  4. hye people i have had acne for like past 2 years/.since then i have this regime that is i wash my face thrice a day with neutrogena acne wash , n use either a neutrogena astringent or a lotion / i even have facial treatment using cream cleansers n stuff once a week. do u think this a good regime ? bcoz i didnt feel any noticeable difference on mky face wid this except for a decrease in oil production . i used to have extremely oily skin in the beginning now it is less oily then b4 . dats
  5. i use neutrogena acne wash which is i beleive the best in town but it sumtimes makes my face dry n sumtimes deosnt.just dunno anything . although i have stopped putting on foundation ever since i got acne all i use is just a lipstick. my acne looks so disgusting .its just on my two cheeks , sumtimes a break out on chin. my cheeks r like ruined forever. wat shud i do about his ? i use neutrogena astringent n lotion after washing face . i dont use lotion dat much cuz i feel it makes my
  6. just try applying a peas sized amaount of toothpaste on that pimple .it may do sumthing as i heard it is use ful .but pleaz dont apply in anywhere else cuz i've really messed up my face by applying the toothpaste all over the inflamed area of face. just give it a try it may help .
  7. well i never heard about the dehydrated skin . but i cud give it a try .i have oily skin n i wash my face thrice wid neutrogena acne wash. n i think at times it really dries up my skin. but the thing is dat i dont think soaking will do any gu d. cuz i hate to just splash water on an already oily face as i feel it makes it even more oily . wat do u guys say about it ? dont these face wash unclog the pores afterall dats wat they claim 2 do. ????????????????
  8. i dont use anything regularly . i wash my face thrice a day wid neutrogena face wash n use an astringent or acne lotion after every wash .