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  1. Hi everyone Sorry I havent posted in a while, I have been a bit down! so my skin is not amazing at the moment. In fact, it’s really shit! ok my diet hasnt been amazing, i’ll admit but it hasnt been horrendous at all! Still barely any dairy.. maybe a bit too much sugar but nothing major! I currently have about 6 bad spots! All around my mouth, so my chin, left of mouth and right of mouth. The little ones seem to have gone (fingers crossed). They are very red and angry. I have only been
  2. Hi all so...my face is on the up again which is good! I have a lot less redness and no new spots which is good! The 2 big cyst like spots on my chin are still there but much smaller. One of them has almost gone now it has reduced so much. The other is still there but had a head this morning (sorry to be gross but I popped it) not much came out though so i would imagine it will come up again! My skin doesnt feel that dry I have been using number 7 moisturiser and it’s great i have always l
  3. Hi all sorry I havent posted for a few days! The weekends are always difficult to write! I had a really stressful friday night and woke up on Saturday with 3 big sore spots on my chin... joy! So my skin is obviously definately affected my stress. I’m going to try and take myself away from stressful environments in the future, for the sake of my skin! My face looks really marked under my foundation which is a bit shit! I have a few little ones that are little bumps and then eventually turn
  4. Hi all Day 13, nearly 2 weeks on Acnecide... It doesn’t look too much different to yesterday but maybe it is a little bit calmer. I have given in and had a snack today and yesterday which probably hasnt helped but I am feeling quite down today. I need to get back to my diet tomorrow. It is so hard though! I have about 5 spots at the moment but a lot if red marks which make it worse. Going to the doctors tomorrow morning so desperate to get something else to help me along the way. I wil
  5. Hi all sorry I havent posted properly in a few days, it was my sisters wedding and was just such a busy few days! Ok so.. my skin isn’t as fab as i thought!! The right side of my face which has always been the worst has remained clear which is good but the left side where i never had any problems has flared up. I mean it isnt really bad but with all the marks still hanging around it doesnt look great. So now i have 2 spots on my cheek (left) and about 4/5 on my chin. I am on my period thou
  6. Hiya Welcome! I am using Acnecide (uk) it is Benzoyl Peroxide and you can get it over the counter in Boots or any good pharmacy. I have cut out dairy and also any sugars that are not natural. I eat sugars that gone naturally in fruits etc but thats all. I’m eating a lot more fruit and veg, I find it easier to eat this by having smoothies in the morning and then veg with my dinner. An example of a smoothie I would have which is amazing is a healthy pina colada! So this includes, a banana,
  7. Hi everyone... wow, my skin has really and I mean REALLY cleared up. It has probably cleared up about 90-95% I would say! It is mad!! The only bits of my face that concern me now are little marks on my chin, it is actually just dry skin really but still, that’s the only bits that bother me, and it barely actually bothers me. Plus the dry skin is not bad at all! I honestly can’t believe it, it hasnt even been a week and i’m nearly completely clear. I’ve still been eating healthy which
  8. Hi all! So today is day 4! I woke up still not HUGE changes but it is slightly better... the spots are a lot smaller and have dried up a lot. As well as this the redness is fading away, thank god! I still have a long way to go but i’m feeling positive. My spots are mainly on my chin right jaw and a few on my right cheek. The spots on my chin tend to be more spots that come to a head and the same for my jaw and the ones on my cheek are tiny tiny bumps. My left cheek has normally always been cle
  9. Hi everyone! so this is the 3rd day! I woke up and my spots seem a bit smaller but nothing magical! They are definately going down but without makeup are still very red... but the bumps are less bumpy! I have been using Acnecide just in the evenings before I go to bed but i think I might increase it to the mornings too. It is my sisters wedding on Sunday, I really hope it starts to clear up a bit. I realised I havent told you my routine! So at the moment I am doing the following: AM - was
  10. Day 2! So I just woke up and checked my skin, it looks pretty much the same as yesterday, maybe the spots are a little less raised. I have to admit I did squeeze one last night which has really gone down this morning and have just squeezed one now and put some acnecide on it. Doesnt look like my face has dried too much, I used minimal amount on my face though! Today I am going shopping to get healthy foods to try and help. I heard pumpkin seeds are good. Has anyone tried these? I've also
  11. Porsher

    Day 1

    Hello!I'm new here but have been visiting the site for as long as I can remember, I have finally just signed up.My story so far, i'll keep it short and sweet! I'm a white 23 year old female!I first got 'spots' when I was in year 6(uk) so that's maybe like 10-11 years old) not bad spots but still spots. I had mild acne all through high school, wasnt horrendous and tbh it never has been. But still whitheads on cheeks, chin etc. Throughout that time I was on anti biotics, treatments etc but nothing