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  1. Hey Everybody!! I wanted to thank our member Wynne for helping us fight against Copyright Infringement. Keep it up! Mikey
  2. Hey Everyone! Thank you to our members that gave us a head up about about wefightacne.com. We have protected our members once again, by keeping other web sites from using our copyrighted material. Members you are doing a great job! Keep it up. Below is an email from wefightacne.com. Sincerely, Michael H. Hi Michael, Please be aware that as of yesterday the content of the page in discussion was changed. Regards, Viorel On 9/19/07, Michael Hanenberg <[email protected]> wrote: Goo
  3. Hey Everyone, I know that you have probably heard this before, but here it goes. My Name is Michael and I am helping Dan out at the office. Dan found a locally grown organic Jojoba Oil and would like to get member feedback. The First 20 people to email me back get a free small bottle of organic Jojoba to test. But the only catch is that you have to give us feedback on how you like it! Just post in this thread when you receive your sample and have tried it a few times. [email protected] Thank
  4. Hey Everyone, My names Michael and I am helping Dan around the office. I wanted to start off by saying THANK YOU to everyone who helped bring to our attention the copyrighted photo’s and video's that were showing up on other websites. We have made a lot of progress in fighting this issue. Keep your eyes open and let us know if you see any other violators. Below are some emails that show our dedication to stopping others from stealing our copyrighted material and protecting our members.