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  1. It is frustrating but I think it's just unfortunately once of those common things which has turned out to be hard to treat. I do know what you mean about clear skinned people not taking care of their faces and still managing to have flawless skin. I think you just need to harrass your doctor when a treatment doesn't work for you. My skin seems to respond fairly well to Zineryt but it's taken years to find that out!
  2. I get acne mostly round the jawline too; it's annoying! I do agree with the benzoyl peroxide comment. Bizarrely it seemed to spread the spot further on to my cheeks. I can only think it clogs my pores up when I use it on existing spots closer to my chin and just migrates that way. Sorry, doubt that was much help really. I feel your pain though!
  3. I've been to the doctor several times about my skin over the past 8 or so years since developing acne (now 21 years old) and nothing they prescribe me seems to be able to get rid of the cysts and nodules I keep getting around my chin and mouth area. I believe from what I've read that it might be an issue with my hormones. I've tried two different types of 'skin friendly' contraceptive pills (cilest and dianette) to try to balance whatever might be wrong but neither of them have particularly had
  4. Does anyone know what the main difference is between a cleanser and a scrub and what the benefits of each are? For years I used St Ives Apricot Scrub with the strange mindset that harsher = better but I've now switched to the St Ives Cleanser for combination skin and since doing so the skin on my chin appears to have calmed down quite significantly. I'm sometimes prone to deep, painful nodules (I think that's the right definition) in this area so is it possible that the sharp grains in the scrub
  5. I was on Dianette for about 10 months and it was actually only around the 8th month that the awful breakouts on my top lip and on my chin stopped happening. Thing is, the breakout then migrated to my cheeks (which had always been very clear pre Dianette) so I came off it and have been using Cilest for a month. So far so good, I've got a couple of spots on my top lip which I think is possibly due to a slight hormonal readjustment but if anything my skin is actually heaps better. Plus I'm not feel
  6. I think it's a hard one to be honest because I've had an awful experience with it over the past year but at the same time I've read many reviews from people who have said it has cleared their skin up. You can find more reviews here if it helps: acne.org reviews For me personally it has made my skin worse and created angry, sore, red spots round my chin and top lip where I previously had much clearer skin. They're recurring as well and never actually disappear from the same spot. I do think do
  7. So what is it you've been doing exactly, is it taking the pill with no breaks whatsoever? I'm on Dianette and have had awful outbreaks each month right before the withdrawal bleed. It seems to me that having the week off each month just completely messes with hormone levels. I can't decide whether Dianette may just be too harsh anyway though, I have read a lot of negative stuff about it.
  8. 9 months and it's still making my skin flare up quite badly each month. I think it's causing me to be excessively tired and moody too. I'm definitely going to book an appointment with my doctor and see if I can get an alternative.
  9. Please no. Leave it well alone. I tried pricking my cyst with a pin and ended up spreading the infection all over my chin.
  10. I'm almost in tears because it's that bad. I've got a spot towards the centre of my chin/bottom lip and another on the bottom of my chin and the one on the chin/lip seems to have made it very difficult to actually move my lip and I'm finding it hard to talk without being in pain. Surely it shouldn't hurt this badly and affect my ability to talk? It seems to have given me toothache on my bottom gum too and I've felt quite nauseous all day and dizzy. I'm fed up with it. I've been taking ibrupro
  11. Quite possibly the sun from the sound of it. My skin pretty much always clears up quite significantly after being in the sun for a while. I think it dries up excess oil or burns off the top layer of skin cells or something. I don't really know. All I know is it's good stuff and if we had more of it in England I would be a much happier person!
  12. Thank you so much for your replies! Dianette's been the same with me /anna/, I get to a certain point in the month and as soon as I think I'm getting clearer my skin flares up! I keep hearing all sorts about Differin...is this something which needs to be prescribed? I must admit, I'm a bit fed up with Zineryt. It stinks and it makes my skin greasy. I can't use it before seeing my boyfriend either because it tastes disgusting. I'm debating whether to book another appointment with a doctor. P
  13. I'm 20 and have had problem skin for years. In the past couple of years it got a lot worse and I started developing cysts on my chin. I went to the doctor when this happened and was prescribed Zineryt. This helped the milder spots on my inner cheeks and on my forehead but didn't do much for my chin. I then went back in November and was prescribed the contraceptive Dianette, thinking it may be a hormonal problem. This doesn't particularly seem to have helped and if anything the flare-ups I get ea
  14. Ok granted, my skin wasn't brilliant before starting Dianette and the main reason I wanted to try it was because I couldn't bear the cysts I had on my chin. Thing is though, I have more painful spots than ever round my mouth and it's becoming unbearable. Surely if it was going to work it would by now? I never had these sore spots on my top lip before and I'm sick to death of it. At the same time, I started Dianette because my skin was getting worse, so I'm wondering if it would have become lik
  15. Arrrgh, please don't prick cysts with needles! Last summer I developed a massive cyst out of nowhere on my chin and I got so frustrated with it that I pricked it several times with a needle. It got really sore and swollen and then took a good few months to go away, whilst other cysts simultaneously formed on other areas of my chin. I'm pretty sure I spread the bacteria by pricking it. I think after reading people's positive pricking experiences on this thread then others may be tempted to foll