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  1. Cover Girl Fresh Complexion Concealer. I use it everyday and I HATE it when you can see my makeup, and this stuff completely disappears yet covers awesomely at the same time. It has great reviews as far as not breaking people out. Try it, I swear it's genius. You can buy it at any drug store.
  2. hey thanks!! i hope your holidays were swell as well. anyway, i am getting pretty frustrated with my red marks. they have faded, but they're still there and obvious without makeup. i hate them. i have no idea when they will ever be gone. ughhh

  3. ahh i've been pretty alright. getting ready for uni and whatnot. did you have a nice xmas? it was a scorcher over here ugh...

  4. do you apply the finacea all over your face, or just on areas? i don't think i could handle it all over. i just put 1-2 layers on areas where i get clogged pores. but i've noticed that not using clindamycin anymore really helps with the redness. good luck and let me know how it goes! :o)

  5. hey there. well, i have decided to go to uni of melbourne. huzzah. i remember you mentioned you're from there. hopefully i'll enjoy it there more than the geographical gem that is perth.

  6. oy! how's it been going friend?

  7. pretty swell. coming off the AB's and so far it's all great. how are you doing dear?

  8. Hmm, well I'm gonna lay off my Glycolic face wash for a few nights and try to nurse my skin back to its normal state of moisture. Maybe I'll just use the Glycolic moisturizer a couple of times a week and only on less sensitive areas of my cheeks. Bummer though, I spent $43 on that shit. Boo.
  9. you're adorable. such beautiful, huge eyes!!!
  10. I just added a Glycolic 10% moisturizer at night to my skin routine and my skin really did not like that. I'm confused because I have been using a Glycolic 12% cleanser every night for about 4 months and my skin has tolerated that perfectly. It's like it sucked all the moisture out of my skin which is really weird because it claims to be a highly moisturising cream. So now I have tight patches on my face, especially around my mouth/chin (sensitive) areas. Has anyone else experienced something
  11. If you're not using an SPF of at LEAST 15, they'll stick around a lot longer.
  12. Yeah you're def right about it not working on those skin-colored bumps. It's worked on any inflamed acne, but even the Finacea isn't getting rid of this super stubborn cluster of bumps by my jaw/cheek area. I think I might try Differin and hope the AB's prevent an IB.

  13. I have a derm appointment in a week or so, and I suspect that my doc will prescribe me Differin to get rid of the stubborn comedones back towards my jaw. The question is, I have been using a Glycolic face wash ONLY at night for a few months now, and it's worked a trick for me. If I flip my face washing regimen (Glycolic in the MORNING, and my Dermalogica gentle-sensitive-skin face wash at NIGHT) would it be okay to use Differin at night time with that?
  14. hey gorgeous. thanks for the sweet comment. although trust me, i can look bad hahah. i suppose that's why i got on this site in the first place!

  15. well i've been using it for about 2 months now, and i think i'll keep it up until i feel comfortable not to. i use a glycolic face wash and finacea too. oh and also oral antibiotics, which im scared about coming off of. i reeeally hope that since my acne seemed to be stress/climate induced, i wont have much of an issue coming off the AB's. but it's still something i'm fretting

  16. hmm. i'm terrified of makeup breaking me out. i currently use clarins tinted moisturizer and a maybelline concealer. but i'm hoping something with more coverage with cut back on the amount of touch-ups i have to do heh. so how long do you plan on using the clinda. for? i am scared i will become immune...ack

  17. jane jones


    Pictures I suppose...
  18. hello! so far things seem to be going swimmingly, knock on wood. although because of that, i find myself getting super paranoid about the smallest clogged pore or possible red dot. it's crazy. i'm thinking of trying revlon colorstay with softflex, i remember you recommended that in one of my threads. does it cover red marks completely? like what concealer would do?

  19. well, i live in australia so i can't buy aqua glycolic. i use one by ASAP SkinCare. it's great. my skin is super sensitive too. you miiiight get a bit of a breakout when you start using it, but that's just purging, and totally worth it in the long run. just be sure to use SPF. i'm really scared that my antibiotics are gonna stop working though. i seriously cannot go through another

  20. Yeah, I've found excessive intake of dairy to be a no-no, but for the life of me I just can't give up cheese. I was wandering around the supermarket the other day and found some Soy Cheese. I bought it and it is SOO GOOD. YUM. It tastes like cheese too. But other than that I'm still ocassionally eating Laughing Cow cheese.
  21. i'm not. i'm just looking up but i have slanty asian eyes so it looks weird.
  22. hello there! i just read your comment on my picture. thank you for the compliment! :) i saw your signature and it seems like we're on pretty much the same regimen. i'm taking minocycline, topical clindamycin and birth control. other than that, i use a glycolic acid face wash at night for the red marks. how's everything going for you?

  23. good to hear your progress is going swimmingly :) um, for red marks i am using an AHA facewash and this kojic acid serum by skinceuticals called 'phyto +'. i'm gonna keep at it, but i'm willing to accept that time will fade them. plus i have makeup on my side hahah. how's the meladerm?

  24. :) you are a sweetheart! i don't deserve such nice compliments, but i'm glad you enjoyed mine. but seriously... you're a babe!