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  1. Cover Girl Fresh Complexion Concealer. I use it everyday and I HATE it when you can see my makeup, and this stuff completely disappears yet covers awesomely at the same time. It has great reviews as far as not breaking people out. Try it, I swear it's genius. You can buy it at any drug store.
  2. I know, I hate red marks, too. I ended up having to stop taking Clindamycin because it gave me tooonns of whiteheads, but thankfully they don't leave red marks. Whew!

  3. hey thanks!! i hope your holidays were swell as well. anyway, i am getting pretty frustrated with my red marks. they have faded, but they're still there and obvious without makeup. i hate them. i have no idea when they will ever be gone. ughhh

  4. Hi Sarah, how were your holidays? Hope things are going great for you. =]

  5. ...just so sensitive. It's really hard to find something that'll work, and I don't know if my skin will adjust to Finacea over time or not.

  6. I apply Finacea all over, otherwise I'd have nothing to prevent future breakouts. Today I'm going to just apply Clindamycin tonight, then maybe Finacea the next day, then switch off until the irritation fades a little. I don't now if my skin can handle Finacea, but I don't know what else to use. I'd like something to prevent acne and get rid of these red marks, but my skin is j

  7. ahh good to know that things are well! Ya uni aint that far off aye... Best of luck with that one hehe. Christmas was alright, not the standardl yearly festive one so I spent it outside with a friend.

  8. ahh i've been pretty alright. getting ready for uni and whatnot. did you have a nice xmas? it was a scorcher over here ugh...

  9. do you apply the finacea all over your face, or just on areas? i don't think i could handle it all over. i just put 1-2 layers on areas where i get clogged pores. but i've noticed that not using clindamycin anymore really helps with the redness. good luck and let me know how it goes! :o)

  10. Ahh and Merry Christmas! hehe

  11. Hey Sarah, cheers fer stoppin by! Been goin mighty well thanks! And you??? You seemed to have dissapeared for quite some time!

  12. I started Finacea a few weeks ago, but after using both Clindamycin and Finacea twice a day, my skin has gotten pretty red and irritated. I'm only using Finacea once a day now, so I'm hoping my skin calms down. It's also an experiment to see whether Finacea's enough to keep me clear. Happy Holidays!

  13. hey there. well, i have decided to go to uni of melbourne. huzzah. i remember you mentioned you're from there. hopefully i'll enjoy it there more than the geographical gem that is perth.

  14. oy! how's it been going friend?

  15. pretty swell. coming off the AB's and so far it's all great. how are you doing dear?