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  1. Well, I really hate to disappoint you, but it's been easily over a month now since I had a 'timeout' and my skin started getting worse again, and I'm still not through my pantothenic acid, only the pantethine has run out. For a while I also kept taking the high dosage, but it didn't really matter to my skin condition. Now I'm going through the remaining pills on about 3-5 gram a day, to 'slowly build it off'. And like you're saying, I would consider myself one of the people more familiar with
  2. How do you guys apply Tea Tree Oil? Cuase when I use a q-tip for spot treatment, I get the impression that I waste a lot on the soaking of the tip, before I actually feel it getting on my skin.
  3. Where did you order the enzyme supplements? The only ones I can find come in capsule form, and aren't so called softcaps that are fluid inside. Anyway, the thing I found strange: On a particular site they promoted a pill with all kinds of digestive enzymes, and there was a short explanation of the effect of every enzyme, under which 'Alpha galactosidase'. Now, there is a lysosomal storage disease called 'Fabry', where patients lack the correct gene sequence to subscribe for the synthesis of t
  4. You should try Zirh Refresh, it's the best. I use it whenever my skin starts to feal oily. A quote from the Zirh site: Key Ingredients: Zinc PCA, Allantoin, Aloe Vera Gel, Pro-Vitamin B5, Cucumber Extract, Licorice extract, Cola Nitida, Paullina Cupana Seed Extract, Jojoba, Oat and Sweet Almond Proteins, Camphor, Menthol.
  5. Well, I'd like to know as well, could some people who are, or have been on a diet like this, make a list of what their typical day looked like, eating wise? So what 'd you take for breakfast, lunch, dinner, and maybe in betweed? I mean; I can't imagine replacing a lunch by just eating some nuts right? Or mayby I'm just not creative enough...
  6. Hehe, scared us there Personally, I was on NOW brand 'opti-zinc' (50mg zinc + some copper) for a while, but I noticed that every time I took a pil without a meal, it started making me feal nauseous. That was a common observation in zinc studies, when people took high dosages. Now I just take 30mg Solgar Zinc Citrate, and everyting is fine. However I haven't seen any big results yet.
  7. How does your face react to Alpha Hydroxy Acids ? You might want to try this one, I'm using it myself at the moment and I'm happy with it. http://www.zirh.com/product_detail.asp?ProductID=116 It has a built in SPF8, against UVA and UVB.
  8. Yeah, when you're dry, you just... wait a couple of minutes, and then? Rince off eventually, or not at all? Or put your clothes on after that, or go to bed or whatever? Cuase I know when I've been swimming in the ocean, I just hate to put a shirt on without rinsing first because of the itchy feeling from the hydrated saltmolecules that are 'scrubbing' your back.
  9. Wow, from just the pills you have got about a worthy meal still hungy at evening's ? Hehe, it's beginning to look like that for me as well. I hope that swansonvit's goods arrive here shortly, you never know with international shipping. Oh, and I assume you take garlic, as a supplement?
  10. @ 2SG: What do you think cleared your back? Taking vitamins (did you do that actually?) or did you also apply the cream on your back ?
  11. Was anyone here on pantothenic acid before switching to pantethine ? I am, but I was planning on slowly introducing the pantethine to my body, so build up the dosage instead of taking 4 pills a day immediately. But there's no documentation on how to 'convert' the pantethine <> pantothenic acid dosages, other than some quotes of, I believe it was a diet website?