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  1. guys I had the exact same problem. my nose completely clear before the regimen and then all of a sudden my nose was covered in tiny spots. i initially thought it was due to sun exposure as that was the only factor which had changed (it was back in summer). anyway, truth is im not sure wat caused it, but my solution was simple, bung twice as much benzoyl peroxide on the nose and upper cheek area, and they went within a week. this sounds too good to be true but it worked for me so hopefully it
  2. i agree acne probably does make the person nicer, certainly for myself the fact that i had it quite bad really makes me appreciate my now clear skin and i will never take it for granted. on the other hand i do feel it made me to a certain extent image obsessed, i mean i cant help it, i just look at myself quite a lot, too much probably. i no if i hadnt of had acne i wud not do this, it made me incredibly self concious which is definately not a good thing. whenever i see someone struggling with
  3. Ive been on the DKR for about 8 months now and it has almost completely cleared me. The only thing is that i still have oily skin on my forehead and nose. these are the only areas affected. within around 3 hours of having a wash my skin is oily. anyone know how i can stop it? cheers guys
  4. maybe its not the same pimple, maybe u are just very prone in that particular area. think about all the things u do in a day that may irritate the area e.g. touchin, using phone, in contact with your hair. then try to elimate this irritation. if not just bang a shitload of BP on it!
  5. the redness must be due to the BP as your skin is obviously sensitive. just maintain wat u are doing until the redness subsides. this will happen within a week. then start to think about applyin a small amount of BP in the mornin to stop new acne. i suffered with redness wen i started the regimen but it does subside and it will clear all your acne. u have to be patient and i know it is tough stepping out of the house with a red and flaky face (from experience) but its something u have to get t
  6. hey this seems perfectly normal. wen i first started on the regimen i had very dry skin no matter how much mosturiser i used, this was probs due to me puttin on too much BP but i was desperate to get clear. if i wer u i wud continue using BP n mosturiser it is almost definately the BP causin the burnin but thats a good thing because it means the BP is workin!
  7. it causes a mild break out, maybe 2 or 3 spots for me. i started using it 7 months ago so all that is behind me. i t now helps with dryness so i would say it is well worth. im still on the same bottle i originally bought. getting rid of acne is a marathon, not a sprint. go for it
  8. nice one, i too use jojoba oil! the regimen completely cleared me n i used the jojoba from the start to help with flakiness. worked a treat cos now i have clear non-flaky skin.
  9. i think its possible but u gotta be on the DK regimen, personally i think a good diet helps but wont clear u completely
  10. hey i had the exact same thing around christams time but also with spots on my cheeks n forehead as wel. now 8 months later im 99% clear, believe me, ur not stuck with this. i changed a few things with my lifestyle and my face cleared completely within a couple of months. 1. try the acne.org regimen-this is the single best thing for stoppin spots. 2. temptation is to touch and feel the affected area, just dont as it spread bacteria. 3.its possibly hormonal so take evening primrose oil or cod liv