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  1. Regular soaps without fancy ingredients or scents. The Purpose bar is great.
  2. Yes.. if you wanna aggravate your acne :(/
  3. Many nail polish removers say, "doesn't containt acetone." It's a bad chemical. Eats your brain [-X
  4. Does it contain acetone like their other products?
  5. That's why you have to wait a couple of days before you try. My mom had this huge pimple on her chin she was convinced was gonna disappear by itself, but it didn't. So after a couple of weeks I made her let me pop it. It was a splatter :D/
  6. Always $ I used to pop my ex-stepmother's pimples when I was 12..lol
  7. Lucky you. I don't get many zits nowadays, but I have lots of white things below my skin. They're not visible, but if I squeeze, white stuff comes up to the surface. Whitehead? I have lots of them on my forehead, but I can't get them out. I'm praying the regimen will get 'em fucks :D/ The last pimple I had that was a "splatter" was located in my ear. Not inside my ear, but above the "hole," on the bone. Every morning when I washed my ears I felt this weird pain, and a couple of weeks later I
  8. Hand and body only! Don't apply it on your face.
  9. I just love popping pimples, especially if they're not on the surface yet. Those are the neatest ones. Almost every time I pop one of those, the icky stuff inside gets shot out on my mirror. Yay! Am I the only one?
  10. Doesn't that one contain oil and stuff?
  11. To me aloe vera feels good at first, but then my face gets all tight and wrinkly (from the tightness).