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  1. http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/22920095 Abstract The multifactorial etiology of acne vulgaris makes it challenging to treat. Current treatments include topical retinoids, benzoyl peroxide, topical and systemic antibiotics, azelaic acid, and systemic isotretinoin. Adjunctive and/or emerging approaches include topical dapsone, taurine bromamine, resveratrol, chemical peels, optical treatments, as well as complementary and alternative medications. The purpose of this paper is to discus
  2. It's the gel version. And I think going from .1 to .25 should lessen the irritation from not being Micro tech.
  3. Hello, I've been using RAM combined with doxycycline for about 7 weeks now. I had severe acne, cysts, over 15 inflamed acne on my face at once, etc... it was nasty. Today, My skin is absolutely smooth. I only have one non-inflamed acne... that's it. Now, I wouldnt say my face is beautiful, because theres scars and really really stubborn red marks everywhere. Whether its the doxycycline that's working, RetinA, or a combo of both. Anyways, back to my story. My RAM .1 has ran out, and for some d
  4. Hey bro. I've stopped BP about 4 months ago. It was clear that BP was causing my eczema. Once I stopped, the eczema stopped. I tried again about a week later using BP and eczema came back but even worse. Then tried it about a month off BP using Neutrogena Brand of BP this time, same eczema popped up. So I decided to completely stop with BP as it was clear, no matter what brand, I was allergic to BP. The first 2 months after BP were actually pretty good. I thought I was growing out of acne, so I
  5. Haven't been in Vietnam in 4 years, and when I went I was relatively 95% clear. Flash forward to now, got allergic to BP; currently on worst breakout of my life. I've been SO excited for this trip (been booked for a year), because I got to see and hang with so many of my family members and family friends that I have no contact with except when I go to Vietnam or a random email. Now? I'm absolutely dreading this Vacation, absolutely dreading it. Going to see all my cousins, aunts, uncles, family
  6. How long have you been using BP? I developed contact eczema from BP after 4 years of use.
  7. Seeing people you havent seen since you've had your biggest breakout of your life is the worst.... their look on their face. like WTF happened to you. No words need to be said to tell what they are thinking.
  8. My derm prescribed me oral antiboitic Doxy and Ziana which contains a retinoid and a topical antiboitc. I read that this leads the likeliness of increasing bacteria resistance. Is this true? Has anyone heard this?
  9. I can attest to the fact that BP has cleared me up from baaad cystic acne 90-95%. I just became allergic to it and the cysts came back. So yes, this site and BP are legit. And while I was having a major breakout, I tried not to take pictures but I do have some.
  10. Same goes for me. Anytime I have a beer or something, I start to feel my cysts pulsating like a heart. Its kinda disgusting. I havent had anything burst or ooze out though. I'm pretty sure alcohol causes blood to rush to the face or something like that, atleast for me since i;m asian (Asian Glow)
  11. Hey man, you should try switching different BPs to see if you are allergic or not. I tested 3 different brands to see if i was truly allergic to BP (I was). Me and several other posters have had the same exact reactions. I've been using it for 4 years before developing my allergic reaction to BP. Other users have used it for 8 years, 3 years, etc.. and got the same allergic reactions from what I have found searching the messageboards. I guess its a rare thing to develop allergic reactions after
  12. @Nfamousjade and @EddieE, thanks for the support guys. Tough times like these you need all the support you can get. Now on to my rant. So my acne is sort of improving, (still worst breakout I've ever had in my entire life) and I just got back home from an amazing week trip to San Fran with my sister. So I get home and see my parents after not seeing them for around a month. They havent seen my this bad ever. Instead of supporting me, all they do is bash me. They say "why don't you just get ne
  13. lmao I'm the exact same way. Why am i laughing, its pretty sad... lol
  14. After developing allergic reactions to BP after 4 years of use (became about 90% clear, with maybe a cyst once every 1-2 months) I had to stop using BP. I tried to see if my face could go without BP. First month was actually very good. My face didn't get any breakouts from quitting BP. Then I started to get persistent chin acne, so I started to use tea tree oil and sulfur 10%. two months without BP, and I am now on arguably my worst breakout of my life with cystic acne all over jawline, cheeks.
  15. Holy Cow... same exact story as mine.... I've been using Dan's BP for around 4 years, and then all of a sudden 3 months ago BAM! same exact symptoms as you. I wonder if I can use different BP products, because I've been using sulfur, and tea tree oil, and taking supplements but my face hasnt gotten better at all.... This sucks, my face was doing SO well, and then this allergic reaction had to happen. During my graduation I looked like a monster compared to what I looked like while on BP. I might