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  1. YES! my right side is shitty, and my left side is clear
  2. yea i got this 2 i thought it was a SMALL blackhead b4 i read this :[
  3. i have notisced this 2.... when i wake up my face is more.......clearer. then i put my proactive on then my face gets all excited! haha. i wonder is i just go the whole day without washing my face oneday and it willl still look the same as it did in the morning.......maybe one of u could try this for me im scared to try it. might mess up the proactive cycle for me...take pix for me 2!!
  4. uh-ooh sumbody caught sumthen lol stop it smile for me....u could scare some body
  5. is this mild acne? what would u call it? lol sorry idk how to make the pix show up on this forum... http://i122.photobucket.com/albums/o248/so...51/07e2a2fa.jpg http://i122.photobucket.com/albums/o248/so...51/eb743fe2.jpg http://i122.photobucket.com/albums/o248/so...51/6ab6d054.jpg
  6. wat stuff should i use to keep my skin from dryin when i go out side? yea, when i wash my face, it drys up
  7. sherbet and icecream are one of my fav things to eat :[ but i gotta cut them off :doh:
  8. :[ well. lol i guess i cant eat sherbet maybe ill have alil bit.
  9. other than my face, i got on around my uper bac and on my uper chest.
  10. i want to eat some pineapple sherbet but as i was reading the ingredients i saw "nonfat milk" does nonfat milk effect acne? reply back asap pls thnx for reading
  11. wat should i eat that wont help acne are greesy foods ok or not?