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  1. i was prescribed hydroquinone 4% by a derm and it made my skin SO MUCH worse, irritated, red, etc even though i meticulously wore sunblock and avoided sunlight. also, the dermatologist did not tell me that when used in high concentrations hydroquinone can even burn your skin. however, i have heard of many instances where hydroquinone has completely fade hyperpigmentation, so it really depends on your skin type and whether you use it cautiously and in moderation.
  2. sawai

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    i don't have any advice, but i think you look beautiful as you are. if you still wish to change their appearance, then i send you good luck anyway.
  3. scorpionvixen, thank you, i hope kinerase works as well for me; i just ordered some now. i have a couple more questions, for anybody who cares to answer them - - has anybody had any significant results with red marks from ingesting particular vitamin supplements? - is there anywhere besides puredeming.com where i can buy the intense gel? i don't have paypal, and credit card is the only way i can use to buy things on the internet. - does anybody have before/after pictures of their results w
  4. james, i did say earlier in my post that i am actually using retin-a on a daily basis, and have been since may 03, not least because without it (or at a lower frequency of application) my acne comes back. but you said there were 'many' treatments i might want to try...were you thinking of anything else in particular, besides retin-a? oh, hah, and thank you for the "idea" that i might be pretty, it's one i haven't had for a while. scorpionvixen, like i said above...i am obliged to use retina
  5. rossignol, thanks, i'll get ahold of some soon then and try it out! angel, i figured already that my acne was hormonal as it started in my teens. interesting to know though that the chin seems to be specifically linked to that...i rarely get breakouts now and only small ones, so i seem to have everything under control; but thanks anyway.
  6. i'm afraid i don't have a good answer, as i'm more or less suffering from the same problem, although if you're not already i do reccommend moisturising your skin regularily. i'm using na-pca & hyaluronic acid, and it did help me quite a bit with the tone. and TG is right aswell - apply a high factor sunscreen whenever you go outside (even if it's not sunny). but, i offer my condolences. i know how pesky and irritating they are (ha, understatement of the year), especially when trying to apply
  7. obiwon, retina is the only medication i'm applying to it now -i stopped the hydroquinone quite some time ago- and i really do need it, as i experimented with only applying it once a week during december, and the next month i begun to get some acne again (of course i'm back on the high enough dose now) and it didn't really affect the discolouration. i also moisturise every day, with both na-pca and hyaluronic acid, which has helped a lot - but still, i'm not there. hey, i guess i'll try the cucu
  8. rossignol, i'm glad you don't think it's too bad; that definitely made me feel quite hopeful. may i ask, have you had any experience with lactic/tca peels yourself, or have you not needed them for your kind of scarring? (i presume you have/had scarring if you're on the scar board) i've been on prescribed hydroquinone 4% for a couple of months last year - to my knowledge, it didn't fade my hyperpigmentation much or at all, and in fact made it look much more inflamed. as soon as i stopped, the r
  9. seeking more advice, suggestions on what kind of scarring/hyperpigmentation this is and how to make it look 'normal' again. are there any topicals besides hydroquinone & retin-a that could help? do i need to go under a laser? is there a supplement i can take that might my skin look white and smooth again? i've had this roughness/discoloration marks for nearly a year now, and i'm sick of it. below are my two pictures - my marks from having had acne; and for comparison, how my chin look
  10. rosacea? is that really possible? could you tell me how, or why, it might be? this could just be my ignorance, but i thought rosacea only occurred in later age - i'm seventeen myself, so doubted that i would be susceptible to it. but correct me if i'm wrong?
  11. i don't think the irritation is a result of the medication as i apply it right along my jawline and outer areas of my face, but the redness is only apparent on my chin where my acne was worst. and yes; it is mild now, but only as a result of treatment. i did say in my post that i've tried BP for several months, but it didn't agree with me and wasn't very effective at all. a cold cream is an idea i'll try though, although i do already use a liquid moisturiser.
  12. hello. i had moderate bordering on severe acne for one year, and i've now been on retinova (a mild form of retin-a) for six months. it's the only medication that works for me after trying benzoyl peroxide, minocyclin, oxytetracyclin, witch hazel and aloe vera. i'm down to, perhaps, only one or two very small lesions per month; however i've found that what i'm left over with is some kind of weird scarring. i think it's hyperpigmentation, and the texture of my skin is also very rough and uneven.