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  1. I doubt your gonna try it mainly because it's simple but here goes. I served in the military for 23 years and faught in 2 wars and as you can imaging getting water to shower was impossible especially when we were moving as a unit across the desert. I've suffered with acne my entire life my face and shoulders were the worse. My wife gave me Dawn dishwashing liquid on a deployment because we were out of everything else and I used it. I was acne free in a week and I've used it for 10 years and I've
  2. I'm a disabled combat veteran and I've suffered from acne my entire life. My face and the back of my neck we're horrible mainly because I deployed all over the world and fought in two Wars. As you can imagine showering was few and far between sometimes if we were moving across the desert it was weeks before I was able to wash my face let alone take a shower. People the magic answer is Dawn dishwashing liquid I use it on my hair my face my entire body and have done so for the past 10 years I use