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  1. I had to go off Minocycline due to a bad reaction after a year of clear skin. I have to get more serious about my topicals now. I've been using Tazorac at night and clindamycin lotion AMs but the pharmacy gives me a generic substitute in a lotion-type base. I have comedones despite the Taz so I'm wondering if this lotion base is problematic. I read about Clindagel in Lydia Preston's Breaking Out - it's supposed to be oil-free and alcohol-free. I can ask my pharmacy to not substitute generic,
  2. Hi, I'm 44 and still have cystic acne. I've been almost completely clear for close to a year now using Minocycline, Tazorac and Clindamycin lotion, but I think it's time for me to go off the Mino and I'm freaked out! I took a long course of Accutane when I was nineteen, and I think it just wore off in my late thirties. My doctor tells me that menopause will likely cure my acne. We'll see. I think it's still several years away.
  3. Cephalexin treats staph. You may have a different type of cyst called an epidermoid cyst (or an infandibular cyst.) It's hard to find information on these. The bacteria is not the same p.acnes that is usually found in acne cysts. I have an epidermoid cyst right now and am on cephalexin. I had to have my cyst lanced yesterday and once the inflammation/infection is down I have to have the cyst surgically removed to prevent recurrence. By the way, if you have terrible acne, you really should have
  4. Thank you all for responding. I wore Clinique City Block (I think that's the name) SPF 40 this weekend because we attended a football game, and I got some cosmetic acne on my chin, but still no cysts. I can deal with little teeny pimples and it seems like they went away sooner, probably due to the Minocycline. Other than that, I'm still completely clear. I am in love with the Taz (no, seriously, I want to marry it; don't tell my husband) so there is no danger of me going off of it. I may have
  5. I'm 43 and have had cystic acne all my life. It was really getting worse every month over the last few years to the point that instead of having one to two cysts a month, I had at least one active cyst at all times. I was afraid of going on Accutane again, which I took when I was 19 but had terrible side effects. I was using Retin-A Micro at night, and BP and clindamycin gel in the mornings. In September all h*ll broke loose and I had an uncountable number of cysts on my chin and forehead. I de
  6. about the drying - Yes, I was dry at first on this regimen, but I acclimated to it. The important thing is to make sure it's not increasing your breakouts. As to the BP, I use it rather sparingly, and only in the areas where I break out.
  7. I don't find the low carb diets help my skin. My breakouts are monthly so are clearly hormone related. I've been following the South Beach plan faithfully for months, and though I'm pleased with my weight, the breakouts are just about the same. If I need to glow before a big occasion, though, I've always found that eating lots of antioxidants - berries, very dark chocolate, green tea - for about a week ahead helps my complexion glow. I'm not sure about the effect on my acne, but I just mention
  8. To keep pores really clear, I think it's recommended to use benzoyl peroxide during daytime and salicylic acid at night. I really think most of us need both antibacterial and exfoliating action. Maybe you could find a lower concentration of SA?
  9. I'm another Accutane success story. I took a full course at age 19 and cleared up completely. I was pretty much cyst-free until I hit my late 30s. 20 years - not too bad. I'm currently wrestling with whether to go back on. For me, the side effects were not minor. The peeling lips and backaches were pretty bad. I haven't forgotten. However, I now only get cysts once a month, so it seems like using a nuclear bomb to kill a fly. BUT, if I had horrible, disfiguring, constant acne, I'd go back on A
  10. I would never continue to use something that was definitley breaking me out. Getting used to side effects (dryness, flakiness, etc.) is one thing, but dealing with new pimples is unnecessary. I agree. Wait to see your derm. You might try some benzoyl peroxide in the broken out area only. Good luck.
  11. Thanks both for the replies. Atalanta, I use that Olay moisturizer/sunscreen on my neck & chest. I quite like it, but it makes me a bit too shiny in the face. It might be OK if I didn't need foundation, but I defintitely do!
  12. Willow, do you go to Face Reality? I am in the Bay Area, so made an appointment today (not for the study.) Will they let you continue on Retin-A? I am paranoid to give it up. I am still searching for what will address my monthly cysts. As I get older, the marks are more scarring.
  13. I asked this at the bottom of my post in the "regimen" topic, but think it deserves its own. What sun protection and/or foundation do you use? Have you had success in finding sun protection that does not exacerbate your acne?
  14. mamarb

    Adult Acne

    It's so interesting to see what everyone uses. I have cystic acne, usually near my chin, that typically only flares up once a month, but it's bad when it does. I'm a recovering Obagi addict with a new, hopefully less clogging routine. I hope that at age 43 I finally have it down. AM: Cetaphil cleanser for normal/oily skin (not my fave, but my face isn't dirty in the AM!) Paula's Choice Healthy Skin Refreshing Toner (I'm in it for the antioxidants) Duac (BP 5% + Clindamycin) prescription lot
  15. I'm 100% clear now, most of the time. I get one or two small pimples a month. This is after severe acne! Yippee! The spiro worked very well for me, but it did take a couple of months to fully kick in. I do think it is working in combination with my birth control and my topicals, however. I have had few side effects...just some tiredness. I'm on a very low dose though, 50mg/day. You do have to be careful about your potassium levels, that's the biggest concern w/ spiro. But I think with l