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  1. DOes anyone know how long after stopping retin-a is it safe to be out in the sun, such as being at a beach? I've been on it for a few months and want to stop because next month i am going to hawaii and don't want to be afraid of being in the heat under a lot o sun. I can't wear sunscreen (breaks me out). I figure if i stop retin-a now, i should be fine to be in teh sun by the end of august. what do you all think?
  2. I don't really know how bad your skin is, doesn't sound tooo bad. My experience with Retin-a has been really GOOD. it does cause initial breakouts but those go away with consistent use of the topical. I had some active acne on one side in particular and after being on retin-a for about 2 months, my skin is 95% clear. It did smooth out and helped to fade the red marks. my advice is to stay on it. Just tr to endure the breakouts, I promise they will get better and your face will clear up. Also, j
  3. hey you shoudl also consider clinique sheer stay-matte. its the ONLYYYYYY thing that does not make me break out. hope that helped.
  4. I recently received Dan's BP gel. I've been using it for over a week, following the regimen, applying exacty the amount i should, HOWEVER, i don't see any side effects that others have mentioned such as the drying/redness, etc. Does this possibly mean this 2.5% is not working. i havent really noticed a great decrease in the current breakotus either. i've had better resutls with clean and clear persagel 10%. should i just stop dan's gel and go back to persagel? anyone else not have any great resu
  5. thanks for the info!! i'm not really too good at understanding and knowing which chemicals are good/bad....i guess i will have to try it and see what happens. thanks again!
  6. i asked the Laura Mercier counter about an oil free powder and they said they were NOT OIL FREE!! are you sure they make an oil free powder?
  7. I also broke out from Lancome's Teinte Idole. I took the advice of many mannnny people on this site and purchased it 2 weeks ago. Slowly, I noticed some new bumps on my face but was in denial that it could be the makeup since I realllllllllllly liked how it was matte on my face, didnt cause oilyness, looked very natural, not overdone, etc. HOWEVER, today, i went for a microdermabrasion appt and my nurse told me that my skin was badlllllllllllllly clogged, worse than she had ever seen it!!! she t
  8. Hi guys, At my last microdermabraison appt, the nurse recommended that I change my moisterizer because it might have been clogging my pores. I was using Neutrogena Oil Free Moisterizer for combination skin. So, she gave me samples of Medicalia oil free moisterizer for oily skin and it was AMAZING!! i used it for 2 weeks and the difference was obvious because my skin wouldnt get oily late in teh day and no new bumps woudl appear (the clogged pores) When you put it in on, it definitely moisteri
  9. where can i find information on botchla's regimen? everyone keeps talking about it.
  10. I've been using this for a few months, only at night mostly only on breakouts. I can't really tell if this is working or not, anyone have any good/bad experiences with this?
  11. i went on it twice and was clear for 2 years and now it has slowly RETURNED.....i'm thinking to go for a third time but VERY HESITANT:(
  12. Hi People, Well, I just joined this site after months of just reading through random threads. I actually have taken Accutane TWICE!! The first time it kind of made it worse and I wasn't able to go back on the second cycle right away (insurance probs), so I waited another year and went back on it. Both times, I had minor side effects such as joint pain and dryness of the nose and lips, but nothing more than that. Well the second time was awesome, I was CLEAR, took it for 5-months. That was i